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Switzerland Places Monaco on a List Requiring Mandatory Quarantine

Possibly due to some misreading of the number of positive cases in Monaco, which in the past have included non-residents from surrounding communities visiting Princess Grace hospital, Switzerland has placed Monaco on a “watch list” obliging the Principality’s residents to initially quarantine when visiting Switzerland.

Swiss nationals are reported to be 1200 strong in the Principality, the most numerous after the French, Italians and British. Monaco is also on the U.K. “watch list” requiring quarantine on arrival in the U.K.

The Principality has recently changed its reporting to highlight the statistics of those solely of its residents who have tested positive – to avoid the confusion with non-resident infections which have previously inflated the figures for positive infections.

Swiss Regulations

People arriving in Switzerland from certain countries and areas are required to go into quarantine. The list of the 53 countries and areas which was updated on 20 August 2020 now includes Monaco. NoteA negative test result does not exempt you from the mandatory quarantine requirement.

Switzerland Places Monaco on a List Requiring Mandatory Quarantine

If you were in Monaco at any point in the 14 days before entry into Switzerland you must go into quarantine for 10 days.

The Swiss regulations state:

Upon arrival, go immediately to your home or to other suitable accommodation.
You must stay there for 10 days from the day of your arrival in Switzerland without going out.
Report your arrival  to the cantonal authority responsible within two days.
Follow the instructions of the cantonal authority.

Monaco residents who are flying out of France will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days in certain European countries, because of France’s rising COVID-19 rate.

Before travelling anywhere, it is important to check the travel restrictions and safety precautions in place in your destination country. This information changes and is updated frequently. Currently, travellers heading to: Belarus, Latvia, Ireland, the UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece and Lithuania will be required to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival from France.

New documents needed when travelling from France

As of 31 July, passengers travelling from France are required to present a declaration to their airline stating that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms and that, to their knowledge, they have not been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the two weeks prior to the flight. Note – some airlines also require results of a current PCR nasal test with a negative result for you to board a flight.

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