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Technical inspections of vehicles: these new rules come in force in 2023

From 4 January 2023, the regulations relating to technical inspections have changed for vehicles that have not met the requirements with respect to a periodic inspection within the time limit set by the Vehicle Inspection Centre.

The technical inspections of vehicles carried out by the Monaco Vehicle Inspection Centre are intended to periodically check that they are in good working order and well maintained.

As these inspections are compulsory, failure to present a vehicle before the due date has resulted in its removal from the registration register, prohibiting it from circulating on the public highway and with a requirement to return its certificate and number plates.

“This deletion obliged the owner to take long and costly steps to regularise the situation of the vehicle. The Traffic Permits Department wanted to simplify the procedure to make it easier for users to carry out the procedures”, says Aurélie PERI, Head of the Traffic Permits Department.

New rules

Four months and one month before the due date of the technical inspection, the user will continue to receive notices from the Road Traffic Licensing Department reminding them to present their vehicle for the periodic technical inspection.

In the event of failure to present the vehicle within the time limit, the vehicle will no longer be taken off the register, but will no longer be authorised to circulate on the public highway.

The owner will have to regularise the situation of the vehicle by requesting an appointment for a technical inspection and paying the related fees as well as a regularisation fee.

The owner will only be allowed to drive on the public highway between his or her home or the repair site and the Vehicle Inspection Centre on the day of the inspection, as indicated on the corresponding invitation.

To make it easier, the Road Traffic Licensing Department has also set up the possibility to make an appointment online for the technical inspection and invites users not to wait until the end of the validity of the previous inspection to carry out the new one.

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