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The 10 most eccentric designs of the year

Yacht Harbour has already rounded up the largest superyacht concepts of the year, and now it’s time to round up the most radical designs drawn in 2016. Here is a list of 10 of the most eccentric yacht concepts of the year, created in alphabetical order.

Black Swan

Yacht designer, Timur Bozca introduced the Black Swan superyacht concept back in June of this year. Amongst the highlights of the concept is the triangular shape of the windows amidship allowing natural light to run though the yacht.

Aqueous 120


Florida-based design studio, Facheris Design unveiled the Aqueous 120 in March 2016. The concept boats a large infinity pool, a retractable awning covering part of the deck and a double-lounge seat and bar.

Stainless steel accents on the outboard finish of the yacht adds an enriching effect to the overall stealth-like appearance of the vessel. The forward deck features a large sun pad and Jacuzzi. The highlight of the Aqueous 120 is the transformative capacity of the sun pad, which can be turned into a helicopter landing pad.



Feadship releases Future Concepts on a regular basis in order to inspire the next generation of owners – and those people who had never even considered owning a superyacht. This year this practice turned into Choice.

Follow the Sun


Swedish superyacht designer, Dennis Ingemansson introduced the 50m concept Follow the Sun, created in collaboration with the Turkish shipyard, NedShip Group. Focusing on ecological solutions such as a 160sqm solar cells area, the concept even flirts with the idea of a wind turbine.

Hareide Design concept


Based on a classic monohull design, Hareide Design’s 108-meter concept is full of intriguing features that have led many to question its feasibility. Other than the tall opening amidship, the concept features an outdoor garden and a sandy beach aft of the yacht.



British yacht designer, Andy Waugh presented the 45m concept named Revolution. As with the projects Expedition, Epiphany and Nouveau, the new concept pushes the boundaries of yacht styling according to the designer “it should appeal to the kind of client who is bored by traditional yachts and wants to stand out in the crowd and make a bold statement”.



Charles Bombardier introduced Seataci – a luxury cruise ship that could navigate in shallow waters with an eco-friendly propulsion system inspired by whales. Bombardier believes mimicking the cetacean could prove more efficient than propellers, generating less underwater noise, and allowing the ship to sail in shallower waters without damage to the hull.



The 150m Shaddai comes from the mind of Gabriele Teruzzi, an Italian yacht designer who previously worked on the Oceano 42 Mangusta at AM Yacht Design. His latest superyacht concept focuses on providing a unique viewpoint to her owner and guests.
The owner’s cabin is located at a height of 38 meters, far above the rest of the yacht.



Red Yacht Design presented the 50m superyacht concept Stella, designed for Mengi-Yay Yachts. The vessel features 280 sqm open spaces with a large beach area at the aft of the main deck hosting a pool and a lounge area.

The foredeck features a master cabin with an office, dressing room, bathroom and a special spa for the owner. The skylight and balconies make the spa very spacious and light to provide the owner with an openness feeling.

Unidentified Floating Object


Jet Capsule introduced its latest seafaring concept, the UFO (Unidentified Floating Object). Measuring 12.5m in diameter, the vessel uses various systems to take advantage of all natural elements.

The UFO features half-spherical shells as passenger compartments, which are divided by a floating disc that doubles as a sundeck. A garden with grass and trees could be planted on the surface of the disk, whilst the main level area could house a kitchen, a lounge or other necessary amenities. A small bathroom would be located on the lower level.

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