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The Curious Case of Monaco’s Unclaimed Jackpot

In our glamorous realm of Monaco, fortune occasionally favours the bold, but it seems one lucky winner has yet to seize their moment of triumph.

With a golden ticket reported validated at the “Le Tarot” tobacco shop in the Fontvieille shopping center, this elusive victor secured a mouth-watering sum exceeding 150,000 euros in the Quinté+ event.

It’s a tale not so amusing and hopefully in Monaco it is rare. Picture this: on the auspicious Thursday of March 14th, Lady Luck smiled upon a fortunate punter, bestowing upon them the princely bounty of 150,235 euros.

This windfall marked a milestone, the first of its kind within Monaco, all thanks to a simple validation at “Le Tarot.” Yet, an intriguing mystery lingers. Despite the allure of this newfound jackpot, the elusive champion has yet to emerge from the shadows to claim their prize.

With each passing day, time ticks away. With a window of sixty days afforded until mid-May, the opportunity to seize the winnings beckons evermore urgently.

Will the rightful heir emerge from the shadows? Only time will tell as we hold our breath, awaiting the unveiling of Monaco’s mysterious champion.

In the Nick of Time

If you won a $1.5 billion jackpot, or any jackpot for that matter, you wouldn’t want to miss the deadline for collecting your prize! On 4 March 2019, the lucky winner of an incredible $1.5 billion Mega Millionsjackpot came forward to claim their prize. The draw for the second biggest jackpot in U.S. history was held in October 2018 and the winner, whose ticket was purchased in South Carolina, hadn’t claimed their prize for almost 5 months, using up 132 of the 180 days they had to claim it!

The anonymous winner, whose identity we will never know, came forward just in time to take their lottery winnings in a one-time cash payment of $877 million.

Unlike this lucky winner who managed to snag their sweet $1.5 billion jackpot in the nick of time, other lottery winners have not been so fortunate.

The Biggest Unclaimed Lottery Ticket in History

The biggest jackpot in the world left unclaimed is from the U.K. and is also the highest ever unclaimed EuroMillions lottery prize. The winning ticket was purchased from a shop and despite numerous appeals, including a billboard campaign to encourage the player to come forward, nobody ever claimed the prize. The £64 million jackpot, unfortunately, expired on Wednesday, 5 December 2012 after it had passed the 180 days limit.

A reason why billions of dollars in prize winnings are lost every year is people losing or mistakenly throwing out their tickets! This happens way more often than you would think. With our busy lives, people barely remember when the draw is, much less where they placed their ticket!

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