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The Minister of State Visits the Police Department

Serge Telle, Minister of State, accompanied by Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior, visited the headquarters of the Police Department on Monday 10 April at 8 p.m.  The time of the visit wasn’t chosen at random – it corresponds to the call to duty and the handover of orders between the daytime and night-time personnel.

Firstly, the Minister of State congratulated the staff of Richard Marangoni, Director of the Police Department, for their exemplary action during the robbery of the Cartier jewellery store.

“Even though everything ended well, thanks to you, we can’t behave as if nothing happened,” he declared.

He therefore referred to the future “Public Safety 2020” plan and said that more human resources would be made available to strengthen the capacity of the Police Department with, first of all, the creation of nine police officer posts in the course of 2017, followed by the implementation of the civilian reserve.

In conclusion, he thanked the staff of the Police Department for their commitment, their work, their conscientiousness and their rigour.

At the end of his visit, Serge Telle went to the police station in the Place du Casino, which was in the front line of the robbery on 25 March.


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