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THE NWAKI and SASS Café has won WIBA trophy!

THE NIWAKI, the ultimate Japanese destination in Monaco, has received the WIBA trophy for the “Best Asian restaurant” in Monaco on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

WIBA (World Influencers and Bloggers Association), in partnership with TIMES Monaco magazine, presented the first edition of the WIBA Trophy on Monday March 20 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, designating the most influential brands from different sectors of activity.

It is in this context that the restaurant LE NIWAKI, was elected, after ten months of opening,
“Best Asian restaurant in Monaco” against famous addresses Song Qi, Nobu and Maya Bay.

One more winner is SASS Café that received the WIBA Trophy for the “Best club restaurant” in the Principality.

It is in this context that the SASS’ Café, celebrating, also its 30th anniversary this year, was voted “Best club restaurant in Monaco” facing the key players of the Monegasque festive scene, Buddha Bar, Jimmy’z and Twigga.

“WIBA is Monaco based, a multi-facet and fast-growing organization that holds events and campaigns to celebrate and promote the unique power of the Influencers. Its flagship event is WIBA Awards – the most prestigious global award for the best opinion leaders from all over the world has been taking place annually since 2019 in Cannes at the Hotel Martinez during the Cannes Film Festival. The fifth edition of the WIBA Awards will be held on 26th May.” (source:

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