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The Youngsters Sweep the Circus Laurels. The Blitz of “New Generation” Artists have already Arrived

It’s a clean sweep for two of the young acts in the ninth edition of the “New Generation” Circus festival open to promising future artists. “Promising” and “future” are powerful understatements!

The incredibly acrobatic Martinez Brothers, who fly rotating through the air in their spectacular number followed their Golden Clown at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival this year by pocketing a Golden Junior.

Not alone with a successful double, the rider Ivan Frédéric Knie, also rewarded with a Golden Clown at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival with his family, ran away with a Golden Junior shared with his little 8 year old sister, Chanel who ushered the ponies into the ring. Monte Carlo remains an authentic traditional Circus with well-cared for animals lapping up the awards and applause.

Accompagnée de S.A.S. la Princesse Stéphanie, de Louis et Marie Ducruet, de Camille Gottlieb et de Lynoué Ducruet,…

Опубликовано Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo Понедельник, 3 февраля 2020 г.

Golden Junior Clowns come in threes this year, with the third going to the two artists of Anhui’s acrobatic troupe in China, who were spectacular on the balance under the marquee with a pyramid of chairs.

Not everyone can win gold but there was so much talent in the young female acts that two of them had to be recognized with Silver Clowns: Genius acrobatics from Demidova in aerial straps and the equally sensational Viktoriia Dziuba, balancer and contortionist, who defies the human body with her artistic vision.

China, Spain and Ethiopia won the hearts of the jury more than enough to be awarded Bronze Junior Clowns. They included the duo Our Story, tightrope walkers on the Chinese mast; the Spanish low-wire acrobatic Steven Ferreri and the trio of gymnasts from the Ethiopian Circus School Black Diamond.

The jury was chaired by Pauline Ducruet who with Princess Stephanie has inherited the love for the Circus from Prince Rainier. They are saving the joys of the traditional Circus for generations of our future children. Pauline distributed in all eight Junior and thirty-six special prizes this year for the New Generation.

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