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Top 10 stories of the week about Monaco

It’s never slow time in Monaco. So here we selected 10 most interesting stories to keep you updated.

1. Jardins d’Apolline Water Crisis: “No ideal solution”

The apartments will be stripped bare in order to change the pipes. Construction, which will be done in four stages, could start in January, giving tenants time to find apartments.  Albert Croesi has been in charge of coordinating with the government for matters relating to the Jardins d’Apolline.

2. Monaco boys’ choir’s North American tour ‘a great success’

Monaco boys’ choir

On the west coast of North America, the boys’ choir, ‘young voices of the cathedral,’ held a dozen concerts during the month. From Vancouver in Canada, to Los Angeles.

In the opinion of their director, Pierre Debat, the tour was “a great success” for the children. On 3 July, the ‘Little Singers of Monaco’ criss-crossed the West Coast of North America, from Canada to the United States, for almost three weeks. Quite an adventure compared to their traditional summer tour. They alternated between performing and enjoying a tourist road-trip in this mythical region of the world.

3. Pole Vaulting in Monaco with Olympic Champion Thiago Braz

Herculis Perche Tour Monaco

All the equipment necessary for pole vaulting was installed in a new place: on the esplanade at the Hercules port of Monaco. A dozen young athletes performed on the Monegasque stage for the ‘Herculis Perche Tour’ last week to portray their sport in an unprecedented way and thus attract interest for the sport on the Rock. “Offering a more spectacular system than in previous years, we can showcase our sport and attract the curious,” said Nourredine Metiri, a former decathlon participant and responsible for the ninth annual tour from Fréjus to Menton. A DJ with full sound and speakers came to embellish the three-hour show dedicated to pole vaulting. Four elite-level pole vaulters joined the exhibition, marked by the arrival of special guest, Brazilian Olympic champion Thiago Bras. Enough to delight young potentials and seduce spectators.

4. HVMC’s 2017 summer auctions a great success

Jean-Pierre Jarier’s 1988 Citroën AX Turbo Superproduction
Jean-Pierre Jarier’s 1988 Citroën AX Turbo Superproduction. Source:

This summer has been a good year for the Hôtel de Ventes de Monte-Carlo. The 2017 summer sales have come to end, and the numbers are very impressive. The auctionstarted a few days ago with some remarkable jewellery pieces, some of which were cheerfully sold for over a million Euros, and also included watches, Russian art, leather goods… There was quite a range on offer.

5. A daring architectural project by Vladimir Melnichenko has been approuved in Monaco

Villa Maria
“The structures of the new villas are inspired by the existing ones, especially Villa Maria, identified as the most emblematic villa of the site because of its very visible position at the corner of boulevard Rainier III and Vallon, like a lookout.”

There is a project in Monaco which received a unanimous vote from the communal councilors, who gave their opinion on a real estate project that Vladimir Melnichenko and Olga Eglit envision, according to Monaco Martin. A completely private operation that involves the demolition of four villas: “Les Myrtes”, “Ciel Bleu”, “Saphir cottage” and “Maria”. These townhouses overlook the Sainte Dévote valley, at 24 and 26 Boulevard Rainier lll and below 2 Sainte-Dévote and 2 Louis-Aureglia. The architect Christian Curau plans to remove them to realize a real estate complex comprising of three villas called “Sapphire” (717 m2), “Diamond” (1,386 m2) and “Rubis” (1,489 m2), as well as a building named “Rosier Sauvage” (908 m2) with eight apartments. Costing 50 million euros not including tax.

6. Deep Klassified musical festival organisers put safety first

Deep Klassified Organizers
Deep Klassified Organizers. Source:

The road accident that cost the life of a 21-year-old young man last week shocked all of Monaco. Young people and parents. Adrien Deverdun and two friends, Julien and Thomas de Bie, feel particularly concerned. These three young people from Monaco, a Frenchman and two Dutch brothers, created the company Deep Klassified, specialized in the organization of musical events. And the first event for this young company will take place on 28 and 29 July at the Grimaldi Forum, featuring two nights of electronic music.

7. Hidden treasures at l’Entrepót Exhibition

To access hidden treasures, one must direct themselves to the basement. In the bowels of l’Entrepót, hide the British beaches of Colly Well Bay, the banks of Naples and Malmö. Like a slice of life extracted from urbanized areas, deposited under the Rock and offered to regulars or the passing public. This summer, Daniel Boéri’s galleryexhibits the work of six artists invited by Gino Gianuizzi. The Italian specialist suggested they work on the theme of landscape and the evaporation of the human race.

8. Fort Antoine breathes new life with 2017 free summer theatre program

Fort Antoine

Forty-seven years of Monegasque history lay in an unknown place. A haven of peace nestled at the tip of the Rock, from which springs a cultural and artistic renaissance. Its name is Le théâtre du Fort Antoine.

9. Rare impressionist paintings at Moretti Fine Arts gallery

Claude Monet "Près de Monte-Carlo
Claude Monet “Près de Monte-Carlo”. Source:

Nineteen paintings signed by several of the leading artists of the early twentieth century are now on display at the Moretti Fine Arts gallery.

The exhibition “A summer in Monaco: from Impressionism to Modern art” pays tribute to the artistic current of Impressionism, presenting a collection of works that check all the boxes for the height of Monaco’s cultural season.

10. Monaco Pavilion in Kazakhstan celebrates 100,000 visitors

Monaco Pavilion Mirror
Monaco Pavilion Mirror. In Kazakhstan, the Monegasque house at the heart of the ‘Astana 2017’ exhibition has just received its 100,000th visitor. A young Kazakh woman who was awarded a VIP visit. Source:

100,000! In Astana, Kazakhstan, the Monaco Pavilion, at the heart of the international exhibition, has just welcomed its 100,000th visitor. A young Kazakh woman, Alexandra Syusino, a native of Kostanay, visited the exhibition with a friend. They were awarded a guided tour of the premises with passage to the VIP lounge and a gift from Albert Croési, the general manager of Monaco Inter Expo.

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