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Top 10 stories of the week about Monaco

The little Principality of Monaco as aways has something going on, and here we selected 10 most interesting stories to keep you updated.

Inside the Clean Energy systems that power Fontvieille

Fontvieille’s clean heating and air conditioning network prevents the release of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. This system, which is good for the planet, is also particularly innovative: it powers the Fontvieille district by using waste.

Dive with dolphins and whales at the Oceanographic museum

The Oceanographic Museum is offering two dives totaling thirty minutes in the waters of the Philippines. All without leaving dry land. 

No need for a mask, snorkel or bulky fins to swim with orcas and dolphins. Althougha small virtual reality helmet is required. Once the process was explained to the audience and they headed under water, the designated captain of the ‘Tubbataha Nature Park’ gave one final instruction.

Beausoleil opens History centre

Beausoleil History Centre

In the old treasury lies another treasure that the inhabitants will soon be able to discover: that of their history, that of the collective memory, in the form of a new Beausoleil History Centre. Exhibitions, educational workshops, screenings: Catherine Veran, head of the municipal archives, intends to take advantage of all the logistical and technical possibilities offered here to bring to life the memories entrusted to her by the Beausoleil residents.

Monaco women’s volleyball team is seeking for investements

And what if Monaco were to dispense with its first female professional volleyball team for a question of… money? The Monegasque team finished last season in second place at the national ranking. Just a few points behind Béziers, the only team to have defeated them. This result was as exceptional as it was unexpected.

Baccalaureate candidates 2017 congratulated

In this article, we present some details of the 2017 baccalaureate candidates who have achieved success in their secondary school studies in Monaco and who have received well deserved praise on this achievement.


Look inside Picasso’s dream property in Mougins, up for auction this autumn

Picasso Property

It’s a story with several layers. While the international press had widely relayed certain information, it seems that Rayo Withanage never completed his offer for purchasing the property, put forth in December 2016. The businessman of Sri Lankan origin and Fiji native lives between London and Brunei. He was believed to be the owner of Pablo Picasso’s last mansion in Mougins, which has been denied by Maxime Van Rolleghem. The latter, a lawyer at the Grasse Bar, is the weapon of choice for Dutch councils representing the previous purchaser’s bank.

Basketball: Monaco’s Yakuba Ouattara heads for the NBA

Yakuba Ouattara

Heading to the United States! Sad to leave Monaco, Yakuba Ouattara achieves his childhood dream: he has recently signed to the Brooklyn Nets and will be part of the NBA next year.

After two seasons in the Principality, Yakuba Ouattara is going to live the American dream. Having just returned from the United States to prepare for the European Championships with the French team, he reveals his new life and his goals, without forgetting to send warm and sincere thanks to the Roca Team and his supporters.

Italian holidays: destination Lake Garda. Continuing the trip

Lake Garda

There is another holiday month ahead of us and if you are still looking for ideas how to spend it, check our Italian trip for you and your family. Today, we will introduce you to the Italian Lake Garda with its small towns and places of interest. Traditionally, thermal springs are associated with cures for aged people, but not for Garda. The vacation on one of Italy’s largest lakes will be enjoyable for all the family. Amazing amusement parks will bring great joy to the young ones. Small towns with rich history will make your holiday very cultural. And the last but not the least, you can enjoy the spa treatments relaxing in thermal springs.

Monegasque Téo Andant wins French Championship for the 2nd time


French champion for the second time, Téo Andant is now among the best in Europe.

Third time’s the charm! In 1992, Olivia Leclercq, daughter of the president of the AS Monaco Athletics, won the French championship in the 320 m hurdles on the track at the Dreux Stadium. In 2001, on the same track, Brice Etes won his first French championship title in the 800 m. In 2017, a third AS Monaco athlete also triumphed on the same track.  At the French junior championships in Dreux, AS Monaco wrote one of the most beautiful pages in its history, Téo Andant accomplished the rare achievement of winning two French championship titles in the 400m, a difficult feat especially for a junior first year (indoors in February in Nantes and now in July in Dreux).

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