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Top-10 stories of the week about Monaco

Undoubtedly the major event of this week was the birthday of Prince Albert II but it wasn’t the only topic that caught your attention. Read the most interesting news in our top 10 stories about Monaco this week.

1. Happy Birthday H.S.H. Prince Albert II!

On the occasion of Prince Albert II celebrating his 59th anniversary, we would like to recall some of the key moments in the life of Monaco’s sovereign who has been ruling over the Principality in the last decade.

2. Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Get Sweet Wise


There’s a reason why sugar is so addictive. The sweeter the food the more energy it provided for our hunter-gatherer ancestors, so craving them is a leftover survival mechanism. But these days it’s not just honey, carrots and berries that tempt us – ultra-sweet foods are everywhere! Our bodies are not adapted to the sheer amount of sugar that we eat and it’s making us sick.

3. Top 6 yacht stories of the week

Hargrave, Limitless
Photo by Taylor Lawson

We selected for you top 6 yacht stories of the last week at Yacht Harbour.

Fire breaks out on 30m Hargrave Limitless

According to footage that has surfaced on social media earlier, the 30m Hargrave, Limitless has caught fire near the island of Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean. No guests or crew were harmed in the incident that occurred on March 6th.

4. Monaco’s Marvellous Walks: La Mala

La Mala walk

The area surrounding Monaco is known to have some of the most beautiful walking trails, whether they are in the hills directly above the Principality or on the seafront. This series will explore the wondrous walks of the Riviera, delving into their particularities, giving tips on how to get there and what to see!

One of the prettiest and most popular walks is on the coastal pathway that envelops Cap d’Ail, starting from Plage Marquet at the border of Monaco all the way to Plage de La Mala, a popular summertime destination.

5. Victorious aeronauts of Monaco

Aeronauts of Monaco
The Aeronauts of Monaco, winners of the Concept Balloon Challenge. Photograph: Ballon Monaco.

The Aeronauts of Monaco have won the Concept Balloon Challenge, a hot air balloon race whose objective is to travel the greatest distance using the least amount energy possible.

The race was organized to learn about ecological hot-air balloons.  The objective of the first aeronautical ecological race in the world is to go the distance while consuming the least amount of energy.

6. A new life for the Palm Beach Casino giants

Statues in Palm Beach
The emblematic Casino prepares for its move to 3.14 and it was impossible for this institution in Cannes to leave the premises without selling its memories. Source:

Nearly 600 lots will be sold at the Palm Beach casino auction on the 3rd and 4th of June. But for the famous giant statues who enthroned in the hall of the casino, they will all be receiving a make-over before the sale. They are currently in the hands of ten artists, carefully chosen by Jean-Pierre Speidel, artistic director of Palm Beach. Among the artists are: the inescapable Ben, the talented and innovative Patrick Moya, Jennifer Des, Richard Orlinski, Geraldine Morin and Erik Salin. The giants were not exceptional pieces until now. They have risen to the top of the bill.

7. The Monte-Carlo Ski Club сelebrates its 85th аnniversary

A young skier.
A young skier. Photograph: Telegraph

The Monegasque ski club is celebrating its 85th anniversary this season. Created in 1931, it has offered young people from the Principality a competitive skiing experience for eight decades.

Alexandra Colleti, Olivier Jeannots, Arnaud Alessandri are all known skiers competing on international circuits, but they all began their careers at the Monte Carlo Ski Club.  The Monegasque club has reached its 85th year and continues to offer young people from the Principality a chance to practice competitive skiing.  Since its creation in October 1931, 25 presidents have come before Jean-Paul, who has been president since 2008.

8. Top-9 Monaco Princely news: new embassy in Lisbon and another Fashion week in Paris

Albert II in Lisbon
Albert II in Lisbon

On Tuesday the 7th of March, H.S.H. Prince Albert II visited Lisbon to inaugurate the new Embassy of Monaco alongside H.E. Henrique de Polignac Mascarenhas de Barros.  He was invited to lunch at the Belém Palace by the President of the Republic of Portugal, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

9. Positive Results for the DTC’s Convention Bureau in 2016

Convention Bureau

At the start of 2017, the Convention Bureau of Monaco Tourism and Convention Authority (DTC) has announced very positive results for the past year.  Business Tourism is performing well in the Principality.

10. Recycling fruits and vegetables at Princess Antoinette park

Compost at Princess Antoinette Park
Compost at Princess Antoinette Park. Photograph: Mairie de Monaco.

The Princess Antoinette Park is an environmentally friendly place in the Principality and is a popular place for children to play. Since the month of January and with the help of the park’s gardeners, the City Council of Monaco has set up a weekly collection of unsold fruits and vegetables from local supermarkets. This unused produce feeds the animals in the park and helps combat food waste.


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