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Top 10 stories of the week about Monaco

This was another interesting week in Monaco that we shared with you, and here are our most interesting news of the passed week.


The cybersecurity world is meeting this week in Monaco to sharpen its strategies and try to reassure companies traumatized by the attacks of the Wannacry and NotPetya viruses in the spring, whose damage amounted to billions. “There are new risks that have appeared in the last twelve months,” explained the director general of the National Agency of Information Systems Security (ANSSI in French), Guillaume Poupard.


Monaco’s Stamp Issuing Office released the following stamps for sale on 18 September 2017…

Following an exceptional season, the Monaco Football Club AS, chaired by Dmitri Rybolovlev, won its eighth French League 1 title, seventeen years after its last coronation. Under Leonardo Jardim’s leadership, the Club seduced by its game’s quality and the presence of spectacular players. Performance is historical: 95 points and 97 goals scored, i.e. for each of them the 2nd and 3rd best results of the League 1 history.

From Grimaldo to Grimaldi

The statue of Francesco Grimaldi
The statue of Francesco Grimaldi at the Royal Palace in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco has more than seven centuries of history. During this time, the ruling dynasty of Grimaldi transformed a small territory between France and Italy into a paradise, today, Monaco is the top destination foe luxury, success and prosperity.

Monaco Boxing Challenge: Bloody Battles at Espace Léo Ferré

Monaco Boxing Challenge

Both Monegasque fighters Natchoo and Micallef prevail in yet another outstanding boxing event staged in the Principality.

Friday at the Espace Leo-Ferre was a glorious start to the night in the amateur bouts with Monaco’s brightest hope for the future, Hugo Micallef shining as expected in his victory over the Belgian fighter Stefan Voda.

AS Monaco announced its eSports team for the season 2017-18

AS Monaco eSports

The team is composed by two professional players, Florian Maridat better known as «RayZiaaH» (21 years old) and Vincent Hoffmann «Vinch» (21 years old), who will represent the AS Monaco colors during this season in the biggest professional Fifa tournaments and in eLigue1.

18th Captains’ Forum at the Yacht Club of Monaco on future of the yachting busines

Yacht Club of Monaco

On the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show, the Yacht Club of Monaco invited its yacht captains for a new edition of the Captains’ Forum, organised in collaboration with Only Yachts. In the presence of the three main associations: GEPY (Capitaine Jacques Conzales, President), Italian Yacht Master (Captain Gino Battaglia, President) and PYA (Captain Andy Crawford, CEO), more than 100 professionals came to discuss the arrival of a new maritime cruise contract set up by the FIN (Federation of nautical industries).

Cap on Election Campaign Spending set to €320,000

A cap on campaign spending was unanimously voted upon by national advisers recently. Jean-Charles Allavena read a report drawn up on behalf of the special Commission in charge of amending the electoral law, and put an end to a concern long-discussed in private sessions. The bill amends the 2012 law on financing of electoral campaigns.  The cap has been lowered by 20%; during the 2013 national elections the amount was €400,000.

Transparency of campaign funds was also voted upon; campaign donors will now be made public. The origin of campaign funds and the identity of the donor, irrespective of the nature or amount of donations, must be mentioned. One donor cannot pay for more than 10% of the maximum budget. In total, donations must not represent more than 50% of the 320,000 euros.

Conseil National

The new budget cap and transparency in funds have been added to the law in order to avoid corruption during campaign season.  As the date of the national election approaches (11 February 2018) swift action was required and the law will come into effect at the end of the month.

Injured Dolphin safely returned to sea

A wounded dolphin was spotted drifting close to the Casino’s beach on the last week. Twelve firefighters from Menton and the national police quickly installed a safety perimeter around the animal. They tried to bring the dolphin back to sea several times but it kept drifting back to shore. The fire department then discovered that the animal’s fin and side were injured.

Dolphin Casino beach

After being properly treated by a veterinarian, the dolphin was able to return to sea on an inflatable mattress; a happy outcome for the beautiful creature and for the crowd of spectators gathered on the beach.


€600,000 Renovations for Monaco’s Town Hall

Renovations for the entrance of Monaco’s town hall will commence during the last week of October and will last until spring, 2018.  The new entrance will have a white, gray and taupe palette with a frosted Calacatta marble floor. The gilded ceiling will be preserved and the sanitary facilities will be accessible for people with reduced mobility. The building will remain open throughout the renovations and all services will be maintained.

New Entrance Town Hall

Monaco’s First ‘Senior Games

Monaco held its first Senior Games featuring 72 elderly participants from the Principality competing in pétanque, belote and darts. The day opened with an official ceremony at the Espace Léo-Ferré, the venue of the competition. A large team of volunteers from the Hector Otto Foundation facilitated the competitions and made sure the day ran smoothly.  The event put the Principality’s senior citizens in the spotlight for a day filled with friendship, exercise and fun.

Senior Games
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