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Top 10 stories of the week about Monaco

This holiday weekend in Monaco is filled with interesting events and activities. And here we selected for you some other interesting news that caught our attention last week.

Monaco in perpetual motion anticipates its future water needs

Monaco Water supply - running water

The danger of fire in tall buildings is a hot topic, (forgive the pun) particularly due to recent big disasters in the U.K. and Dubai to name just two that hit the headlines – and there is always the extreme example of the World Trade Centre conflagration in New York.

Train delays and traffic nightmares between Nice and Monaco


Traffic delays for trains and road vehicles between Nice and Monaco have become a headache for employers.  Monegasque bosses support employees who arrive late from Nice, but they are asking the PACA region to finally deal with this problem.

Tourism and Conventions in Monaco: the DTC gives the invisible hand of the market a boost

Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel
Fairmont Monte-Carlo

While Monaco has obvious natural appeal with its physical beauty and prime position on the Cote d’Azur (not to mention its image as a centre of glamour, sports and entertainment), did you ever wonder how year over year there is ever more interest in Monaco as a tourist destination and why there are a proliferation of Conventions here of international importance?

Charles Leclerc honoured by Communal Council

Charles Leclerc

Recently, Monaco driver Charles Leclerc, Formula 2 World Champion 2017, was honoured by Mayor Georges Marsan and nine of his deputies and councillors.

Launch of the “Responsible Trading” Label

"Responsible Trading" Label

The Government is launching the “Responsible Trade” label.  Its aim is to identify traders who are committed to an ecologically, economically and socially responsible approach.

Delegation from the Principality attends COP 23 in Bonn

Delegation from the Principality attends COP 23 in Bonn
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A delegation from the Principality has been in Bonn, Germany since 4 November to take part in the 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23).

The Bonn Conference follows on from COP 21 and the Marrakech Climate Change Conference. Its aim is to make progress on developing the various guidelines, arrangements and procedures which will enable full implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Monaco Sculptures: Saint Roman / La Rousse


HelloMonaco continues its series of articles, which illustrate the history and locations of the sculptures of Monaco. If you think that exceptional monuments should nearly always be in plain sight then you would be a little wrong. Sometimes you need to explore in almost-secret niches of the Principality to discover where some of the more outstanding masterpieces are hiding. This time, we will acquaint you with the district of ​​San Roman, or, as it is called, La Rousse, which became the home of some of the most magnificent sculptures made by world-famous artists.

41st Larvotto Cross Results

Cross Larvotto

The 41st Larvotto Cross took place across Monaco’s beaches with 450 competing athletes of all ages participating in nine races. Although the week got off to a rainy start, making organizers nervous, the sun came out just in time, creating ideal conditions for the competitors.  A sun that also brought out hundreds of fans, some related to the participants,who cheered for and inspired the racers.

Grand Prix Winning Ferrari F2001 up for Auction

Grand Prix Winning Ferrari F2001

Years ago, on 27 May 2001, Michael Schumacher drove the Ferrari F2001 to win his 5th Monaco Grand Prix, the third with Ferrari after his 1997 and 1999 wins. Now, 16 years later, the iconic Formula 1 car was up for auction this week. Ferrari and Schumacher are some of the biggest names in motorsport. The car’s estimated worth is between $4 and $5.5 million and will be up for auction as part of Sotheby’s New York Contemporary Art Evening.

Flood of Medals for Monaco’s Shotokan Karate Club




Monaco’s Shotokan Karate Club

Competitors from Monaco’s Shotokan Karate Club took part in the 4th Games of the Small States of Europe in Andorra. The Monegasque club achieved amazing results, winning 9 medals including 1 gold, 2 silvers and 6 bronze. The Monaco Men’s team won the gold, making them the European champions. Congratulations to team members Eric Mathon, Mathieu Magara and Alexandre Blonda. The next Games will be held in 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

Monaco’s Shotokan Karate Club
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