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Top-10 stories of the week about Monaco

This week the little Principality of Monaco as always dazzled with interesting events. Read the most interesting news in our top 10 stories about Monaco this week.

1. Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo welcomed their first child

A new royal baby has arrived! Monaco’s Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo welcomed their first child — a son — on February 28th. Rumors of Princess Caroline’s grandson’s arrival began swirling on Tuesday after Beatrice’s sister posted a mysterious message on Instagram. Attached to a scenic photo of a marina, Matilde Borromeo wrote, “28/2/2017 new date to add in the calendar for my family,” adding several blue heart emojis.

2. Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Love Your Gut

fermented veggies
fermented veggies

Our gut is often called our second brain. Embedded in the walls of the intestines, the enteric nervous system (ENS) not only controls digestion, it also impacts our physical and mental well-being. Although we are not conscious of our gut “thinking”, the ENS helps us sense what’s happening in our environment and then influences our response. Hence the origin of ‘gut instincts’ and ‘gut feelings’.

3. Van Gogh lost sketches caused scandal

Franck Baille
Franck Baille. Source:

A collector launches a nose investigation to prove that the 65 drawings discovered by the President of the Monaco Sales Hall are the work of a forger. Not so simple…

4. Carnival at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Monaco Oceanographic Museum

A surreal atmosphere courses through the corridors of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Superheroes, princesses and Walt Disney characters interact with the aquariums. Carnival is not only in Nice! During the school holidays, the museum offers free entry to children in disguise.

5. Dog services in Monaco – how much does the Principality do for our four-legged friends?

dogs services

Sometimes, it seems that there are more dogs than kids in Monaco. Every time I leave my house for work or to run an errand, I can count on seeing plenty of happy dogs accompanying their owners to various places around the principality. When the kids are at school, the dogs take center stage.

6. From the court: child pornography and child abuse

Photo source:

A former schoolmaster who seemed above suspicion, has appeared in court recently. He was accused of downloading from his home near the Exotic Garden eleven files of child pornography, featuring young children.

One year in prison! The criminal court, overseen by Virginie Zand, has just sentenced a Monegasque man of thirty-three years of age after three days of debate.

7.  Work Resumes on the Port of Ventimiglia

Port of Ventimiglia

Two months after the acquisition of the concession for the Ventimiglia marina by the Principality of Monaco, through the Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire (SMIP), a subsidiary of the Monaco Port Authority (SEPM), work resumed the last week on the Port of Ventimiglia, Cala del Forte.

8.  14th Annual Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival: Monica Bellucci, Cathrine Deneuve, Michel Legrand and others

film festival

Ezio Greggio’s cinematographic event returns for a 14th edition with the announced presence of Monica Belluci, Costa Gavras, Michel Legrand and John Landis

9. Monaco Economic Board offers to explore new business opportunities in Slovakia and Moldova

Michel Dotta, President of the MEB
Michel Dotta, President of the MEB. Source:

Economic missions to Bratislava (1-3 May 2017) & Chisinau (3-5 May 2017).

If you are interested in developing your business by exploring new opportunities in Slovakia and Moldova then you can find out more in this interview with the Monaco Economic Board (MEB). Here are the responses to our 3 questions for Michel Dotta, President of the MEB.

10. Princely digest: Prince Albert II Foundation’s anniversary and First French Charity Mile

Princess Charlene cheque
Princess Charlene hands the grand prize cheque over to Action Innocence, winner of the Charity Mile

It’s been an exciting and busy week for the Princely couple. Albert and Charlene of Monaco spent a lot of time apart in order to fulfill their many commitments.


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