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Top 4 Monaco Princely News: Prince Albert II explores environmental and dental technology in Monaco

Prince Albert II attends Ever

The Sovereign, who is known to be particularly interested in clean technology and automobiles, attended an event that combines both. During his visit, he went behind the wheel of several vehicles: SUV Kia, the Toyota Prius hybrid and the BMW i8 coupe. The Bavarian manufacturer presented the Monegasque head of state a book portraying 100 of the brand’s automobile innovations. Beyond the test drives, it was also an opportunity for the Sovereign to discover surprising inventions.

Innovative “Gumball”

An enthusiast of innovation, Prince Albert II seemed to be amazed by the technologies created in connection with Goodyear tires. The second largest manufacturer of tires in the world has reinvented the wheel: replacing the cylinder with the sphere. Not limited to forward / reverse: it makes the car omnidirectional. The “gumball” contains no mystery: it is fully connected, covered with sensors and sports a bionic coating. Inspired by human skin, its envelope can stretch and shrink under the influence of an electric impulse.  It even repairs itself. “It’s great!” – exclaimed the Prince.

Goodyear Sphere Tire
Goodyear Sphere Tire. Source:

Urban wind turbine

But what seems to have really caught his attention is the urban wind turbine called ‘Unéole’. Constructed with recycled linen fibres, assembled with organic resin, on a recycled aluminum chassis. From of the Hauts de France, the Unéole company strives to work with local materials (the region is the world’s leading producer of flax, which is associated with Normandy). It must be said that the product not only produces energy, but it is also covered with sensors which make it possible to measure, for example, the quality of the air wherever it is implanted.

“This answers a need of today’s cities, and this information is difficult to obtain accurately. With our wind turbine, it is possible,” explains the young designer. Prince Albert II warmly welcomed all his “wishes for success”. Princely wishes lent him good fortune, since Quentin Dubrulle was awarded the 1st Metha Europe prize in urban development.

New Project

The Smeg (Monegasque Electricity and Gas Company) took advantage of the Ever exhibition to unveil its photovoltaic panels installation program. Starting from the recognition that state subsidies have not been enough to spark enthusiasm, Smeg launched the SunE program “to facilitate the installation pf panels on buildings.” The concept is based on two possibilities: either the roof of the building requires waterproofing, and in this case, Smeg takes charge of it and remains the owner of the panels for fifteen years, or the roof is in good condition and the company buys the energy produced by the device to re-inject it into the Principality’s grid.

Prince Albert at the inauguration of Imagina Dental

Last week Prince Albert also attended the inauguration of Imagina Dental where exhibitors presented technology in the dentistry sector. In the hallways of the Grimaldi Forum, only the colour white conveys the medical character of the event. There are so many screens and cameras that it feels like a video game event. Yet, no: Imagina Dental deals with teeth and only teeth. But the proximity between dental care and new technologies seems so strong that one does not go without the other. On the first day of the show, there were not many customers at the stands of the 30 exhibitors. Henri was one of the few to have made the trip. This dentist from the Maritime Alps is “of the old generation but does not want to stay on the sidelines.”

Prince Albert at Imagina Dental
Prince Albert at Imagina Dental. Source:

“I have a tendency,” he confesses, “to rely on my human eye rather than on machine screens.”

In front of him, there is the new generation. Jacques, Martin and Philippe are students in their fifth year of medicine and have traveled from Marseille! Born at the same time as the technological development of the profession, they defend the all-digital trend. “It must be understood that the devices are there to help the dentist operate,” insists Jacques. “In preparation and locating, the machine is very often more efficient than the man. After all, it is the doctor who decides to operate or not.” For this trio of young men, the idea is “to evolve with our profession,” as summarized by Phillipe.

“Sport should not be taken hostage”: Prince Albert of Monaco

Like 3,000 supporters of AS Monaco, the Sovereign Prince Albert II made a trip to Dortmund, Tuesday evening, to watch the quarter-final of the Champions League.

But he was never able to go to the stadium, having been “put in a hotel” following the attacks which targeted the bus of German players, shortly after 7:15 pm. “The police told us not to leave the hotel,” he said.

Prince Albert supports Monaco team
Prince Albert supports Monaco team. Source:

“Despicable and horrible

Quickly protected by security, the ruler of the Principality spent an evening of uncertainty, while he followed the event on German television. “We got news from the Dortmund players in little bits and then we knew there was an injured player… that the other players were safe and that our players were safe,” He said, adding: “Sport should not be taken hostage by madmen… it is simply despicable and horrible.”

“Perhaps not the best solution”

Prince Albert II of Monaco expressed his skepticism about holding of the match at Signal Iduna Park on Wednesday (6:45 pm). “It may not be the best solution to play the day after an incident of such magnitude,” he said.

Princess Stephanie attends Circus school performance

On International Circus Day, Stephanie of Monaco attended a spectacle from the students of the circus school “Tous en piste”. It took place under the Medrano marquee, installed in Nice on the esplanade De-Lattre-de-Tassigny until 23 April. The roar of the arena preceded the children’s show at the Tourrette-Levens school. The youngest ones started with a performance of juggling and balancing tricks on balls. They were followed by young teenagers who swung on air trapezes. Thomas and Marine, the elders, alternated between aerial hoop and juggling.

“During the juggling, there were a few misses, but for them it is a new exercise to work in a space with so much light. They were good!” Said Corinne Edon, principal of the school. Asian elephants played a few tricks and tasted fruit and vegetables under the amused eyes of the Princess.

One way to remember that World Circus Day is a way for artists to fight against the disappearance of animals during shows. At the end of the show, the students were congratulated by the guest of honour and shared a buffet with her, “We are very satisfied. It was a very good experience, and the Medrano Circus received us very well,” said trapeze artist Corinne Edon.

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