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Top 9 Monaco princely news: Princess Charlene teaches First Aid to children from Cape Town and rumours of a new princely couple…

Prince Albert II appreciates the series of paintings about tortoises at the Oceanographic Museum

After an exhibition last year, Michel Aubéry is back on the walls of the Oceanographic Museum. This time with a series of paintings devoted to a single subject: the tortoise. A way for the artist to focus on the peril encountered by this endangered marine animal. The result: a series of colored canvases, some of which are quite psychedelic, where the creature has become a work of art.

“I have an overflowing imagination,” underlines Michel Aubery. But painting forty canvases with different turtles on each one was not so simple.”

Michel Aubéry
Photograph: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

In this project, Michel Aubéry collaborated with Matéo Mornar, his studio neighbor at the Antoine-I wharf, for the design of a 2-metre-wide sculpted tortoise that required six months of work. The result is visible until the 29th of March.

The exhibition is in the Conference Room of the Oceanographic Museum, every day from 10 am to 7 pm until the 29th of March.

AS Monaco qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the game was attended by an elated Prince Albert II and his nephews Pierre Casiraghi and Louis Ducruet.

AS Monaco vs. Manchester City
AS Monaco vs. Manchester City: Prince Albert II of Monaco celebrates his team’s goal. Photograph: KCS

On Wednesday, the 15th of March, the Monegasques played at home at Stade Louis II, against Manchester City in the knockout round of the Champions League.

AS Monaco vs. Manchester City
AS Monaco vs. Manchester City: Unbelievable but true, they managed to qualify. Photograph: KCS

Prince Albert, a sports fan and supporter of AS Monaco, was obviously going to miss nothing of this match. Wearing a scarf in the team’s colors around the neck, he lived the match with his players, jumping for joy at each goal scored. Not far from him, young father Pierre Casiraghi had allowed himself an outing without his wife and their baby, while his cousin, Louis Ducruet, was accompanied by his girlfriend Marie.

AS Monaco vs. Manchester City
AS Monaco vs. Manchester City: Pierre Casiraghi and Louis Ducruet can smile, it was a beautiful evening. Photograph: Sipa

All three cheered in unison with the stadium, to the rhythm of the chants. And when the referee whistled the end of the match, thus offering the qualification to the Monegasques, Prince Albert jumped for joy before falling into the arms of two of his friends.

Are Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam in love?

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, the son of Carole Bouquet and Jean-Pierre Rassam may be a couple.

The daughter of Caroline of Monaco, a member of the Monegasque princely family, may now be dating producer Dimitri Rassam, the son of actress Carole Bouquet.

The daughter of Princess Caroline and the son of Carole Bouquet may be a couple. Photograph: AFP

What is currently only a rumor which made headlines of the Spanish magazine “Hola” this week, is the two people in their thirties were recently photographed during what looks like romantic walks in Paris, Barbizon (Seine-et-Marne) and Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne).

Successful producer and father of a little girl

Born into a family of cinema lovers, Dimitri Rassam is the son of producer Jean-Pierre Rassam and actress Carole Bouquet and the nephew of director Claude Berri. After obtaining his Bachelor of History at Sorbonne, he started in film production at 23 years of age. A few years later he produced the successful adaptation of the play “Le Prénom” with Patrick Bruel and Valérie Benguigui. In February 2016 he received a Cesar for the animated film “The Little Prince”. He recently produced “Papa ou maman 2” with Laurent Lafitte and Marina Foïs.

The 35-year-old man is the father of a 6-year-old girl, Darya, whom he had with a Russian model Masha Novoselova. Charlotte Casiraghi had a child with Gad Elmaleh, Raphael,who is 3 years old. After her separation from the humorist, she dated the Italian director Lanberto Sanfelice for a year.

Chemin des Dames: Albert of Monaco will travel to Picardy

Albert of Monaco will be in Picardy for the centenary of the battle of the Chemin des Dames. In particular, he will visit the Cerny-en-Laonnois memorial to commemorate his grandfather, who fought on the Chemin des Dames.

Chemin des Dames
The battle of the Chemin des Dames will be commemorated by a visit from Prince Albert II. Photograph:

Prince Albert of Monaco will visit Aisne during the commemoration of the Chemin des Dames which will take place between the 16th and 18th of April 2017. Albert II will visit Cerny-en-Laonnois, where he contributed to the renovation of the chapel and the manufacturing of the stained-glass windows, in order to honor the memory of his grandfather, who fought on the battlefields in 1917.

This year, the centenary of Chemin des Dames will be chaired by François Hollande, a first for a head of state.

In 2017, Aisne, land of memories and land of future, will experience exceptional commemorations to remember the thousands of victims and to promote a message of peace.

For more information, visit:

Princess Charlene taught First Aid to children from Cape Town who participated in the Sainte-Dévote’s rugby tournament in the Principality

What do the students of Monaco and the children of Cape Town South Africa, who speak Afrikaans, have in common? After discussing their common passions for pizza, Harry Potter, Justin Bieber and games on Xbox, the teenagers had many topics of conversation during the third exchange of Monaco / South Africa around the values ​​of sport, developed by the Princess Charlene Foundation. Princess Charlene herself took care of hosting the dozen young boys who came to the Principality for a few days, to participate in the Sainte-Dévote rugby challenge. This weekend was their first exchange.

“Now you can save a life”

First step, a conversation in English with 5th year pupils from Charles-III and FANB gathered by the National Education team. They presented their institutions and their country to their South African peers.  Quickly, the conversation moved to their musical tastes, their lifestyles, if they have pets and if they get on well with their brothers and sisters.

Princess Charlene teaches First Aid
Princess Charlene teaches First Aid to children from Cape Town and Monaco. Photograph: NewMyRoyals.

Then, with the support of the Monegasque Red Cross, the Princess chose to teach her young guests how to save a person in respiratory distress. To know how to place your hands on a thorax, give mouth-to-mouth, give a cardiac massage

“Now you can save someone’s life,” the Princess smiled as she handed them a diploma.

A course, not without humor, for children astonished by their teacher. A memory that will remain “as strong as having a tour on the Formula 1 racing circuit where the Grand Prix takes place,” says Stefen Sharp, the coach that accompanied them.

Swimming lessons

A few minutes later, in the swimming pool of the Lycée FANB, the Princess gave a swimming course. Former champion in her discipline, the Princess did not take her eyes off the pool to watch the children evolve. Learning to swim to stem the drowning problem. She must have put a lot of thought into this exchange program with children from her homeland. “This project, which we have been carrying out for three years is also a good exchange around the values ​​of sport, by confronting different cultures,” said Agnès Falco, general secretary of the foundation, who is developing this program with the South African Rugby Legends Association. Moreover, the exchange will continue this summer, with the arrival of Monegasque college students in South Africa.

children First Aid, Princess Charlene gave them a swimming lesson.
After teaching the children First Aid, Princess Charlene gave them a swimming lesson. Photograph: NewMyRoyals.

Interview with Princess Charlene about welcoming the young athletes from her home country

Welcoming these young South African athletes to Monaco to make them discover the Principality is a great pleasure for you.

I am very pleased with this exchange. These twelve young boys from South Africa arrive from three townships near Cape Town. They are very disadvantaged children. To invite them to the Principality, to make them meet children of Monaco and show them their daily life is, it seems to me, a form of inspiration for them. I also wanted them to receive first-aid training, which is essential to me, and which can be used in any situation in their daily lives. It is also a way to give them more self-confidence, as is the strength of learning through sport. We are on our way to moving in this direction. And I hope to welcome children from other countries in the future.

Princess Charlene at Sainte Dévote’s rugby tournament
Princess Charlene at the Sainte-Dévote rugby tournament. Photographs: NewMyRoyals

You launched your foundation five years ago, with programs reaching more than 3,000 people around the world. Is this a personal satisfaction for you?

I am extremely proud of the results. Our programs have been deployed in about forty countries. Today, we can say that we are saving lives, especially with the swimming lesson program. I have to say that I could not have had these results without the support of a community and the governments of the countries where we operate. Personally, I would never have accomplished this without the precious help of the Prince. And also volunteers who surround us and whom I want to thank.

Princess Charlene at Sainte Dévote’s rugby tournament
Princess Charlene at the Sainte-Dévote rugby tournament. Photographs: NewMyRoyals

In parallel, it seems that you are training hard for the Riviera Water Bike Challenge which you will take part on June 4th?

Yes, I try to train as much as I can. But you know I have two young children, so I try to juggle all these activities (laughs). But I will be ready and it will be a fun challenge!

Fifteen teams from eleven nations

The princely couple greeted the young players before the match. The Monegasques lost to the South African team 6-0.

Princess Charlene at Sainte Dévote’s rugby tournament
Princess Charlene at the Sainte-Dévote rugby tournament. Photographs: NewMyRoyals

The 7th edition of the Sainte Dévote tournament organized by the Monegasque Rugby Federation and the Princess Charlene de Monaco Foundation took place at Louis II. Smiling, Prince and Princess met the players one by one, ranked by team and proudly displaying their flag. Significant attention was paid to these little rugby prodigies, some of which have traveled thousands of kilometres, like the Cape Town team, the happy winners of this tournament.

Teams from around the world

Princess Charlene at Sainte Dévote’s rugby tournament
Princess Charlene at the Sainte-Dévote rugby tournament. Photographs: NewMyRoyals

Tunisia, Russia, South Africa, Greece and also France: the tournament reminds us that the love of sports is universal. The players are also delighted to be able to meet foreign opponents. Silvio, Rafael and Joris are players in the Toulon team. They took two and a half hours to get here. “This is the first time we have participated in the tournament. In addition we are the youngest, we are all 10 or 11 years old.” As for the competition, the team to beat is without hesitation South Africa: “They are strong because they go fast and they are tough”. But the Touloners did not stop: “Our goal is to win.” A good-natured tournament celebrating rugby.

The 27th Rallye Aicha des Gazelles with the Prince and Paul Belmondo

Albert met with Paul Belmondo and Dominique Serra, founder and organizer of the “Rallye Aicha des Gazelles”, on the palace square.

Start of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles
Prince Albert II of Monaco greets a women’s team, as former French racing driver Paul Belmondo looks on, prior to the start of the 27th Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2017 in Monaco. Photograph: SEBASTIEN NOGIER

The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles of Marocco is an off-road rally for women drivers only – started on the 18th of March in Monaco and is expected to finish with the arrival of the winner’s car in Essaouira, Morocco, on the 1st of April.

Governmental Meeting between Monaco, Andorra and San Marino

Antoni Martí Petit, Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra and Nicola Renzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs and Justice of the Republic of San Marino, paid a visit to Monaco on Saturday, the 18th of March 2017.

The Minister of State
The Minister of State with Mr. Antoni Martí Petit and Mr. Nicola Renzi. Photograph: Charly Gallo / Communication Department.

They were received in front of an audience by the Sovereign Prince in the presence of Mr. Serge Telle, Minister of State, and Mr. Gilles Tonelli, Government Counselor-Minister for Foreign Relations and Cooperation.

During a lunch organized by the Minister of State, the representatives of the three countries were able to discuss negotiations with the European Union, launched since March 2015. At the end of the meal, they said “We have come together to work together on the relations of our three countries with the European Union. We have common interests to find the necessary framework to define our relations (…) and must invent a new way of regulating our working with the European Union.”

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