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Top Filming Locations in Monaco

Monaco is known to be one of the richest countries with luxury Monaco properties, superyachts, and expensive supercars dominating the city. The Principality also has a rich history and breath-taking scenery. One of the most iconic countries in the world, Monaco is home to some of the most special and world-acknowledged events in history, including the Monaco Grand Prix.

It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and its glamourous lifestyle has inspired many industries, even online casinos like the prominent 888 casino in UK. Another industry that Monaco has heavily inspired is the film industry. A number of famous films were shot in Monaco and Monte-Carlo, including some very common favourites.

We have compiled a list of the top film sights in Monaco. How many films have you seen shot in these sights?

Monaco view

The Streets of Monaco

We have kept the first location quite general, but the streets of Monaco are quite memorable to start with. The action/spy film of 1983 Never Say Never Again, based on James Bond’s novel Thunderball, shows an incredibly memorable scene shot in Monaco’s streets. The infamous bike chase offers views along the French Riviera beachfront and the action happens in the streets of Monaco.

Another movie with scenes shot in the streets of Monaco is Heartbreaker, the 2010 romantic comedy. The lead character is played by Romain Duris, a charming man who is appointed to break up couples. A memorable scene sees Alex and Juliette driving on the hills above Monaco, singing ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’. The film is mainly based within the Principality, and it shows a number of attractions that you cannot miss including the property near the Casino Gardens and the Port Hercule.

Place de Casino

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo’s Casino is another famous location for filming. Golden Eye, the 1995 James Bond movie, shows a few scenes shot in the famous Principality, including in the Casino de Monte Carlo. In fact, a memorable scene shows James Bond meeting Xenia Onatopp for the first time in the casino, beating her at a game of baccarat, and then meeting her for a drink at one of the casino’s private bars. The movie also shows other locations around Monaco such as the Casino Square, the Fort Antoine, the Bay of Monte Carlo, and Port Hercule.

Grace of Monaco, the biography of Grace Kelly, also shows scenes outside and around the Monte Carlo Casino. A famous scene shows Grace Kelly attending the New Year’s Eve party on the Onassis yacht and engages in a debate with the President Charles de Gaulle.

F1 Monaco Grand Prix: the great sport show was back to revive
78th F1 Monaco Grand Prix: the race (23rd May 2021).© ACM /Olivier Caenen

The Monaco Grand Prix

Our list would not be complete without a movie shot in Monaco’s Grand Prix. Iron Man 2, released in 2010 based on the Marvel Comics, shows a battle scene on the race circuit at Monaco’s prestigious event. The film also includes scenes of the winding streets of La Condamine, the prime real estate near Port Hercule, and also the Place du Casino.

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