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HelloMonaco recommends: Top Leisure Events

The Principality of Monaco is a unique cultural center on the French Riviera always rich in all kinds of events. Whether it’s a play, a concert, a festival or a charity evening, whether the provenance is Monegasque or the best from London, New York, Paris, Milan or Moscow when it comes to Monaco, you are sure to experience great emotions and come away with wonderful memories. HelloMonaco would like to introduce you to the main events that will be taking place in the Principality in the coming months.

5th edition of the Rally Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene Rally

6 April

April 6 is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace which was declared in 2014 by the UN General Assembly and the International Olympic Committee. As in each year since then, the Monaco’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport (DENJS) has been celebrating this key date by organizing the «Rally Princess Charlene», in collaboration with Peace and Sport, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the APEM (Parent-Teacher Association of Monaco). This sporting morning gathers almost all the pupils from the 7th grade classes of Monaco (Collège Charles III, Collège FANB and Lycée Technique et Hotelier – SEGPA). Peace and Sport’s Champions for peace and Ambassadors for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation also participate in the Rally in order to share their experience with the teenagers. On April 6, 2018, they will be more than 400 youngsters to learn about the values of sport: team spirit, respect, solidarity and cooperation. A collective symbolic «#WhiteCard» picture will conclude this amazing timed running race for peace and development through sport.

Monaco Ocean Week

Monaco Ocean Week

8–14 April
Where: Monaco various locations

The Principality of Monaco’s commitment to marine ecosystem conservation is deeply rooted in its history: from the inauguration of the Institute of Oceanography by Prince Albert I of Monaco in 1911, to the more recently created Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation in 2006. In partnership with Rolex, local actors and Monaco-based international organisations will share their experiences and reflect on marine conservation and blue economy sustainable development at the Monaco Ocean Week. More than 30 events will be organised in the Principality of Monaco’s symbolic venues. These events will bring together local and international experts, the scientific community, the voluntary sector and public authorities. The public will be able to freely attend some of the events based on themes such as the link between climate change and ocean degradation, the challenges of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, the importance of developing Marine Protected Areas, the need to encourage sustainable consumption of seafood products and marine biodiversity preservation.

The Illusionists

Illusionists Show

11–14 April
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

A new generation of magicians is born. With The Illusionists, the Grimaldi Forum is getting ready to dive into a magical world. This direct from Broadway show brings together for the first time on the same stage seven of the world’s greatest wizards; on a world tour, they literally revolutionized the world of magic and its queen disciplines: disappearance, escape, levitation, great illusion, telepathy etc. For more than two hours, the show propels this ancestral art into the 21st century.

Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2018

Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2018

14–22 April
Where: Monte-Carlo Country Club

The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is one of the biggest annual tennis tournaments for male professional players. The event, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, is the first of three ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments played on clay at the Monte-Carlo Country Club. The tournament is a player and fan favourite due to its magnificent location and long tradition of champions. Spain’s Rafael Nadal won a record-breaking 10th Rolex Monte Carlo Masters title in 2017. Will he repeat his success?

artmonte-carlo 2018


28–29 April
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

The third edition of artmonte-carlo will host nearly 40 rigorously selected international galleries at the Grimaldi Forum, together with a dozen exhibitions taken from major institutional and private collections. This cultural event will stand out in the world of art fairs through its singular concept of «art salon»: a small size and high quality exhibitions, resulting in a rich offering for the invited exhibitions, giving it the look of a mini-biennale. аrtmonte-carlo aims to establish a quality artistic platform, meeting the demand of collectors from the Côte d’Azur, contributing to the cultural development of the region.

11th Grand Prix Historique of Monaco 

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

11–13 May
Where: Monaco

This Grand Prix Historique will mark the 11th edition of this prestigious event in the Principality. During two and a half days, all competitors will share their passion for high level motor racing with thousands of fans — on a mythical track where 80 % of the straight lines and turns are exactly the same as in 1929, and still used every year for the most glamorous Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship. This 2018 edition will be rare and exceptional for all spectators — five distinct starting grids covering the first thirty years of the Formula 1 World Championship, a unique sight for motor racing fans, worldwide collectors and nostalgic enthusiasts.

Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

Glamorous Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 5th Edition

16–20 May
Where: Chapiteau de Fontvieille
5 Avenue des Ligures, 98000 Monaco

The glamorous Monte-Carlo Fashion Week is back again for its 6th edition, firmly establishing itself as one of the most anticipated events of the summer season, bringing creative talent and high-fashion to the Principality from the 16th to the 20th of May. The event is organized by The Chambre Monégasque de la Mode, under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco, and takes place at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille, which is completely transformed into a prestigious Fashion Village for the occasion. Expect a lavish event, including exclusive brands, beautiful accomplished models and individuals gracing the catwalk and showcasing their immense talent.

76th Monaco Grand Prix F1

Monaco Grand Prix F1
Monaco Grand Prix F1 Source: pinterest com

24–27 May
Where: Monaco

The 76th edition of this Monegasque race will host the sixth round of the FIA Formula One World Championship 2018. Prized by all F1’s microcosm for its unmatched atmosphere and its fabulous setting, the Monaco Grand Prix F1 tests every year in a spectacular way the nerves of the drivers. All of them are ready to do everything to put their name in the prize-list of the most prestigious race of the calendar. Raised as a motor racing myth by the drivers because of its uniqueness in the world and the selectivity of its circuit, the Monaco Grand Prix has created its legend through many exploits which remain in the annals of Formula 1.

Boris Eifman Ballet «Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA»

Boris Eifman Ballet «Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA»

2 June
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

The ballet «Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA» is a magnificent production of the choreographer’s reflections over many years as he studied the great composer Tchaikovsky’s personality and his unique world of musical creation. For this very special new masterpiece, the Boris Eifman ballet’s company of Saint-Petersburg has deservedly won the coveted prize, the Golden Soffit. Boris Eifman has related eloquently that having been turning to Tchaikovsky’s music for many years, he realized how deep and bottomless the composer’s world was. Eventually he came to an understanding of a variety of themes related to his creative life, his psychic identity and relationships with loved ones. «I wanted to create a work, in which I could delve deeper into the environment of Tchaikovsky’s creative torment.» The choreographic brilliance of the new production is perfectly in harmony with the composer’s music in emotionally dramaturgical terms. It displays wonderful variety and convincingly conveys the emotional journeys of each of the personalities.

The Monte-Carlo Award «Woman of the Year»

6 June (еще раз уточнить дату ближе к выпуску, тк инфо сейчас еще мало)
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

The Monte-Carlo Award for the Woman of the Year is an international award that recognizes women from all over the world who, in their personal or professional actions, manage to achieve extraordinary things. It was created in 2012 by the journalist Cinzia Sgambati-Colman. Another edition of this prize will take place this year at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco around the theme «Women and Sport». There will be awarded two prizes: the first candidate will be rewarded for her outstanding projects at the international level and the second candidate for her outstanding initiatives within the Principality of Monaco.

4th Monaco Artists’ Forum

4th Monaco Artists’ Forum

8–17 June
Where: Rainier III Auditorium
Boulevard Louis II, Monaco

The Forum is an exhibition of Monegasque art and sculpture and is a wonderful platform for visual artists who are Monegasque nationals or who have been a resident in the Principality for more than five years. Open to the public each day between 2 and 7 pm, and a «Public Prize» will be announced at the culmination of the event. The artist who receives this award will be allowed to continue to display their work at the Rainier III Auditorium. The Monaco Artists’ Forum is part of the desire of the Prince’s Government to promote visual arts within the Principality, to highlight the vitality of local artistic creation in the field of visual arts and as a matter of cultural policy, to integrate and leverage the efforts of all Monegasque artists for the benefit of everyone.

Aqua Film Festival

Aqua Film Festival Monaco 2018

29 June – 1 July
Where: Monaco

Through the means of film and documentaries, the Aqua Film Festival aims to represent the extraordinary world of water, its various values and uses. This International Film Festival hosts short films from all over the world divided into 2 categories according to length, works of a maximum of 25 minutes, and a so-called «mini-shorts» format of under 3 minutes. The history of humanity and the scientific genesis of life itself depend on water, and along with the air we breathe, it is our main source of survival. Aqua Film Festival is growing more and more: this year there will be launched, a new additional special competition, that will feature mini short films made by students from schools and Universities.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival


15–19 June
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

Originally created by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and now under the Honorary Presidency of Prince Albert II of Monaco, The Monte-Carlo Television Festival has, for more than half a century, presented the very best of television from around the world. The Festival has also been at the forefront in showcasing the highly talented professionals associated with many of the most successful programs in the history of the medium. The Golden Nymph Awards are among the most prestigious prizes in international television, rewarding the best TV programs and actors. Over the course of the Festival, an international jury of leading actors and industry professionals attend screenings of all the programs in competition. The Festival offers free entry and is open to the public.

Prince Albert II Foundation Awards Ceremony

22 June
Where: Grimaldi Forum
10, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

Two years after its creation in 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has decided to reward each year, with prizes, personalities for their commitment and the support they bring to the safeguard of our planet. On June 22, 2018, during his 11th Prince Albert II Foundation Awards Ceremony, HSH the Sovereign Prince will honour several personalities and international organizations for their exemplary actions in favour of the environment and the preservation of the planet in each of the three priority areas of action of the Foundation: the fight against the effects of climate change, the preservation of biodiversity, as well as access to water and the fight against desertification.

Monte-Carlo Jumping 

12th Monte-Carlo Jumping International

28–29–30 June
Port Hercule

Nestled at the foot of the Prince’s palatial ramparts, the 13th edition of the Jumping International of Monte-Carlo promises exceptional moments of sporting emotion. The Jumping International of Monte-Carlo, one of the main trials in the Longines Global Champions Tour since its creation in 2006, is a horse jumping event unlike any other — taking place on the waterfront beneath the celebrated Rocher des Princes de Monaco. The setting up of an entire equestrian event in the middle of a busy harbour is a formidable challenge. The waterfront is transformed into a luxurious equine venue, requiring the hauling in of vast quantities of specialised sand for the competition surface and the transformation of the dock into elegant stabling.

Charlotte Casiraghi as its patron, the competition brings together professional and amateur riders from around the world in a highly competitive yet convivial event that has the entire audience on its feet.

Each Grand Prix is endowed with a purse of € 300,000, of which the winner receives € 100,000. The tour’s eighteen best riders will share a purse of one million euros.

Riviera Water Bike Challenge


17 June
Nice — Monaco

Monaco will host the Riviera Water Bike Challenge (RWBC) on Sunday, June  17, 2018, in support of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The 21 kilometres between Nice and Monaco will be travelled on Schiller S1 water bikes.

Leaving the port of Nice and heading east to arrive at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club, the participants will make up a few international teams pedalling Schiller S1 water bikes in a 21-kilometre relay race. The Schiller S1 water bike, developed by American Judah Schiller, reportedly on a dare, «uses an optimised propeller, proprietary gear box and Gates Carbon Drive belts». It’s essentially a bike atop of parallel hulls, much like a catamaran, with a 2-foot (0.6 metre) wide frame. In calm waters, the average speed is 8 mph, although pros can reach more than 10 mph.

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