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“Undeclared Work Has No Place in the Principality”

As part of its action to combat undeclared work, the Department of Employment has recently carried out a series of inspections in the construction and catering sectors, in association with the Police Department and the Department of Health Affairs.

It should be remembered that undeclared work means that an employer is asking an employee to work without following the usual procedures with the social entities and without requesting and obtaining a work permit.

The result of asking an employee to work without paying contributions to the Monegasque Social Funds is that the employee is deprived of any social protection.

Mr. Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, considers that combating undeclared work is a priority objective:  “With undeclared work, everyone loses.  There is no place for it in the Principality.”

Checks have been increased in recent months in two sectors of activity in particular – catering, due to the increase in tourist activity during the summer, and the construction sector, due to the many construction projects that are under way in the Principality.

Undeclared Work
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Thus, the work permits of 1,268 employees were checked in these two sectors of activity.

More specifically, in the construction sector, three of the main construction sites in the Principality were halted during the inspection.

As concerns catering establishments, checks were carried out district by district, to make the inspection more effective.  Naturally, the busiest areas were selected, and therefore 47 establishments in the districts of Spélugues, Darse Sud, Fontvieille and Larvotto were checked.

With regard to following up these operations, procedures are currently under way.  It should be noted that there was a limited number of irregularities, with just over 5% of anomalies found.

These checks were carried out in favourable conditions.  The Labour Inspectorate will continue its action by maintaining a strong presence in the field to ensure compliance with the rules laid down by the State.


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