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VRoom – exclusive fundraising event in the heart of the Principality

VROOM is an exclusive invitation-only fundraising event that unites select tech companies with extraordinary potential, tech executives, and investors such as family offices, high-net-worth individuals and venture capitalists.

Monaco is known to be one of the best places in the world for this type of event, where there is a very close rapport between investors and entrepreneurs (mentoring is usually the way forwards). Generally, they all meet up in relatively small circles, allowing for a real chance of getting down to the important details and advice often needed by the young entrepreneurs or startup companies seeking help in their growth.

This event took place in Monaco’s prestigious Fairmont Hotel on 7 October 2016.

Who was there?

Main Partner was Digital River, who are the main partners of the event, are a 40-billion-dollar e-commerce company. Helps scale-up digital technology companies. Every day, tens of thousands of companies, both large and small, rely on Digital River for the proven expertise, comprehensive cloud commerce and marketing and payment solutions they need to build, manage and grow their businesses on a global scale.

Here are few companies who presented their ideas:

Electric Juke Box, is a London based company that is dealing with music streaming services. They will transform your TV into the ultimate music machine using wireless technology as well. Currently seeking 2 million GBP.
Dazzle Rocks, is a Helsinki based company building unique gaming experiences. Their main focus is in having an amazing and forward thinking story line. Currently seeking 1.5 to 2 million EUR.
Keyfetch Group. Is a London/Miami based company. They are focusing digital identity for products, to fight against counterfeits. Currently seeking 3 million USD.
Fitle (Fit & Style) is Paris based company. They are focusing on re-defining online virtual fitting. Currently Seeking 2 million EUR.
Passnfly is a Barcelona based company. They are specialized in automated check-in solutions. Currently seeking 1 to 2 million GBP.
Kompas is a London based company. They are revolutionizing travel itineraries using artificial intelligence, which uses our location and general behavior to provide the most adapted and personalized experience. Currently seeking 350 Thousand GBP and/or more
Vallie is a London based company. Developing a personalized valet parking application.
Clickly is based in Lisbon. They are specialized in intelligent web advertising and placements. Currently seeking 750 Thousand EUR.

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