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Work at the Ecole des Révoires and the Swimming Pool of the Ecole Saint Charles

During the summer of 2017, the Public Buildings Maintenance Office carried out several renovation projects in schools in the Principality, in particular at the Ecole des Révoires and the Saint-Charles swimming pool.

The entrance hall of the Ecole des Révoires has been completely redesigned; the central area (with planters, low walls, a pond and plants) has been completely removed, as has the glass atrium. Thermoplastic has been used for the floors, with flexible floor covering in the playground. An informal area with tiered seats has been created for use by pupils, teachers and speakers for any events that might be held there.

The work also included the complete renovation of the 2nd floor. The false ceilings were renewed, the lights changed and the floor covering, with a surface area of 650m2, was replaced. Finally, the 35 manually operated blinds were replaced with motorised blinds.

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Renovation work at the swimming pool of the Ecole Saint Charles involved the false ceiling, LED lighting, the woodwork, painting, and making the footbath watertight.

Throughout the building, rigid acoustic mineral wool slabs have been installed above the wooden slats of the false ceiling to improve the acoustics for teachers and pupils. LED lighting above the pool, in the changing rooms and in the cloakrooms will lead to significant energy savings.

“In this type of project, the challenge for the SMBP is to respect the roadmap of the works so as to have as little impact as possible on the start of the new term. Everyone was keen to adhere to this contract, while ensuring that the work was of high quality,” stated Anthony de Sevelinges, Head of the Public Buildings Maintenance Office.


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