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WWII Bomb found in Nice was neutralized today

Restaurants evacuated, waterfronts cut off… what you need to know about the neutralisation of the submerged WWII bomb in Nice.

The bomb, dating from the Second World War and immersed in front of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, was neutralised on Wednesday May 10th. A series of security measures were announced by the prefecture.

The bomb of the Second World War found on Thursday off Nice has firing devices that were activated when dropped by the US air force more than 70 years ago. Their launching makes the de-mining operation, which took place on Wednesday morning from 6:30 am all the more delicate.

The prefecture planned to initially move the ammunition by about 2,600 meters. They planned to then destroy the craft, which would be immersed during the whole operation.

Several security measures were announced. They took effect from 6:30 am on Wednesday. “The area will be subject to continuous maritime and terrestrial surveillance,” said the prefecture in a statement.


Neither vehicles nor pedestrians were able to travel within 300 meters on either side of the ammunition. In other words, from Place Guynemer to Avenue des Phocéens.

A deviation was established.


Any nautical activity (swimming, diving,…) was prohibited within a perimeter of 2 kilometres around the current position of the munition and that of its neutralisation.

Sailing was forbidden within a perimeter of 680 metres around these same positions.

WWII Bomb Found in Nice


The restaurants located on the waterfront near the ammunition were evacuated until the end of the neutralisation of the device.

Glazed windows were to remain open, to avoid glass breakage.


Residents within 300 metres of the ammunition had to remain inside their home.

The shutters had to be closed, but the windows open.


These restrictions, at least on land, were not meant to “last more than a few tens of minutes” according to François-Xavier Lauch, director of the prefect.

They were only in place during the stowage and lifting of the bomb which started Wednesday at 6:30 am.

In Nice the towing and then the neutralisation itself was planned to continue until the end of the morning to ensure safe dealings with the submerged WWII bomb.

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