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You can be a driver at the MGP Live!

The Grand Prix is ​​great, but the MGP Live where you can play at being a real Formula 1 driver is even better. Because well, watching the cars burn rubber, shuddering at the sound of engines’ fury, and trembling at the imminence of a crash: it’s still a bit of a passive experience. Then, after having been a spectator and being won over by the burning desire to drive these machines, it will be time to go to the Place d’Armes, to the MGP Live fanzone. And there, you are guaranteed to be in the middle of the action, with real racing simulators. After security checks at the six entry points, so you can relax and concentrate on having fun, you are ready to fly.

And because you can’t burn rubber without putting on the right tires first, the Pit Stop Challenge is essential. It is a unique opportunity to get an up close look at an F1 car, to touch it, and also the amazing opportunity to tinker with it. You get to change the wheels of the car under the same conditions as in the stands. Pneumatic gun in hand, you have to go as fast as possible. The reference time will be set on Friday morning by the professional teams, but it is generally around 18 seconds.

Then you have to make sure you have the right reflexes. Because driving an F1 at more than 200 km/h at the end of a tunnel, it requires a bit more liveliness than a spin in a Twingo. So it’s worth going for a test run on the batak, a funny portico with luminous targets to touch as soon as they appear.

Ready to face the pros?

Heading for the simulators, there are several on the square, so you have a wide range of choices. On the Redbull stand, there are six online bucket-seats, and there is also an opportunity to see Max Verstappen, the 19-year-old Belgian prodigy, on the Monaco circuit, who finished in 1 minute and 12 seconds.

After all this fun, a little break is necessary, with the appearance of the entertaining Grid Girls and interviews with the drivers on stage. Finally, to relax, you can enjoy concerts by Fat Cat or Emily Johnson. And the best of all? Access is free and all activities are free. Who said that the Grand Prix is just for the rich?

To find out more: MGP Live, place d’Armes. Every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Free access.

So at MGP Live you can not only play at being a race-car driver, you can enjoy free entertainment and get an insider’s look at how these amazing machines really work!

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