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YourMonaco: Yet Smarter City Still with Even More Information at our Fingertips

Three new digital tools, aim to better inform everyone and listen to them. They are: YourMonaco site, the Urban Report and Waze.

These open up new channels of communication, offer new opportunities with the aim of strengthening the link between the Government, Monegasques and residents – who after all are the best urban sensors. 


The Your Monaco site includes four themes: My daily life, My city, My environment, My Urban Services which present topics of everyday life. These themes are broken down into around forty illustrated articles. Each theme includes a map that offers a wide variety of geolocated information such as: play areas, defibrillators, post office boxes, housing plan operations, heritage trees, etc. 


My Urban Services 

The theme “My Urban Services” is central to 50 online administrative procedures (town planning, energy transition, vehicle registration, etc.), accessible in 3 clicks. 

The features of YourMonaco allow it to be personalized and adapted to one’s preferences, thanks to a geolocation option (My neighborhood, My procedures, My journeys), thus becoming “My Monaco”. This site is available in three languages ​​French, English and Italian. 

Urban report is the application that allows to alert, to report a problem on a construction site, road works, passenger shelters.

More than an application, it is a direct, unfiltered link between Monegasques, residents and the services of my Department. Users can thus support and direct the strengths of the Administration where they are most useful”, emphasizes Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.



The Waze participatory navigation app provides real-time traffic information. Monaco participates in the “Waze for Cities” program which allows local specifics to be integrated (for example: roads blocked in the event of an event). The 32 variable message signs allow this information to be communicated directly to drivers in real time, in particular in order to redirect traffic in the event of lane closures or incidents. The data collected via Waze is also available on YourMonaco (

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