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ASM Athletics Competition Results

ASM Athletics traveled to Montpellier, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Nice. During these competitions, thirty-six athletes brilliantly represented the Principality and launched their 2017 season.

The “combiners”

To launch their 2017 season, three Monegasque “combiners” traveled to Montpellier. Malory Malgherini, who finished with 2,423 points and ranked 7th, Jesse Aliaga-Jacob and Robin Marbotte. Unfortunately, the latter two did not complete the combined events since they were slightly injured during the first event. Not wishing to exacerbate their injury, they made the decision to withdraw from the competition.

ASM Athletics Competition Results

ASM Athletics were well represented in Lyon

In Lyon, we witnessed a great performance from Téo Andant, who after setting the new indoor France record for the 400 metres, in 48:05, ran this time in 48:43. He is the leader of the French junior rankings, and second place in all categories. He will participate in the French indoor championships which will be held at the beginning of February.

Two female athletes also ran the 400 meters: Jessica Ratti, who ranked 13th senior in the French record, with a time of 58:85, and Ilona Chiabaut, who ran it in 64:45.

ASM Athletics Competition Results

Monegasque sprinters also performed well in the 60 meter and 200 meter races. In the 60 meter race, there was Thomas Caredda, 36th junior (7:16); Hugo Marbotte (7:l5), Thomas Mironenko Durier (7:21); Michel Arlanda (7:20) and Anas Adoui (7:32). In the 200 meter race, Alessia Pelesson clocked 28:17, while Thomas Caredda and Thomas Mironenko ran it in 22:80 and 23:14 respectively.  Frédéric Choquard and Jacques Candusso explain that the work done by their athletes has been satisfactory: “It’s a good start to the season, all the athletes have shown what they can do.”

Brice Etes group in Aubière

The same weekend, a group of male athletes trained by Brice Etes travelled to Aubière. Brice Etes then competed in the 4th senior French 800 meter and finished second in the competition. Special mention for two young athletes in the 800 meter: Marvin Bouilly, who ranked 18th with a hopeful performance in a time of 1h57.70, and Giovanni Molino, who ranked 22nd in the junior French record. At the end of January, they will both try to qualify for the indoor French championships. Louis Catteaua ran the 800 meter in 2h03.15. Finally, Gregory Giuffra ran the 1,500 meter and improved his record of nine-seconds by achieving a time of 4h07.54. “They train well and this is seen during competition. Training gave a glimpse of a beautiful sporting season,” explained Brice Etes. The Monegasque Asémiste, who managed to take care of a group while continuing to train and compete himself, is satisfied with the performances of the five athletes.

ASM Athletics Competition Results

Young athletes from the ASM in Nice

Finally, ASM Athletics participated in the Benjamin-Mint triathlon departmental championships held in the Charles-Ehrmann park in Nice. The competition took place over three stages: a 50 meter race, a long jump and a shot throw. Céline Grosselle is proud of the performances from her young athletes: “They all showed what they were capable of. All boys ranked in the top twenty out of a total of forty-seven.” She also points out the fine performance from Charlotte Afriat who finished 1st in the competition, with a total of 104 points. “She has enormous potential and gives herself the means to succeed.”


Minor triathlon championships in Nice:
Minor-girls: Mathilde La Vigne, 27th (51 points)
Minor boys: Mark Hacklbauer, 8th (77 points), Vincent Ingargiola, 10th (75 points), Monty Batt Loris Bekaert, 14th (67 points), Lorenzo Marino, 17th (62 points)

Regional jumping, weight, long throwing competition in Nice:
-50 meter juniors: Marie-Charlotte Gastaud (7.21); Kilian Raquin (6.62)
-50 meter cadets: José-Manuel Gastaud (6.83); Vincent Spinetta (7.08): Kotaro Yamazaki (7.27); Farouk Chennaoui (7.26)
-50 meter young athletes: Johan Assenza (6.42)
-50 meter seniors: Anas Adoui (6.34); Emmanuel Casana (6.57)
-Perche minor: Cadogan Abada (3m80)
-Senior Javelot: Ricardo Antunes (28m74); Moise Louisy-Louis (45m89).

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