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Fifteenth Victory of Roca Team, 77-69 against Limoges

Yesterday evening has been marked with the 15th victory of Roca Team against Limoges 77-69.

roca team vs limoges

15 victories in 17 games of Pro A is the exceptional result of Roca Team.

roca team vs limoges

We should mention the great efficacy of Sergii Gladyr who earned 15 points in 17 minutes yesterday. Through all quarters Roca Team had the same victorious spirit even if they lost the 1st one (16-23) and draw the second one: 19-19. Third and fourth quarters shows the determination of Roca team boys to win: 22-17, 20-10.

roca team vs limoges

Zvezdan Mitrovic, coach of the Monegasque team: «Bravo guys! You did maximum from the beginning of the season despite all injuries».

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