Marta Garcia, a girl from the cover of HelloMonaco, takes P3 in W-Series race

At only 18 years old, Marta García a motorsport champion from Spain who has participated in more than 500 national and international races over the past five years. She won 1st place in the Andalusian Championship (Alevin category), she won the Trofeo delle Industrie, previously won by Lewis Hamilton, Marco Wittmann, Antonio Giovinazzi and Daniil Kvyat and was the first young womanin history to win 2nd place in the 2013 Spanish Championship in the KF3 category. Marta is a very young and promising racer according to Michèle Mouton, the president of the FIA’s Women & Motor Sport Commission.

She is participating in a new all-female racing series which was launched in October 2018, supported by former grand prix driver David Coulthard and top designer Adrian Newey, with the aim of helping women racers get into Formula One. She joined HelloMonaco to share some words of wisdom about her past, her goals and the risks involved in a fast-paced sport like racing and became a main hero of HelloMonaco spring edition which dedicated its cover story to Marta. We wish her luck and new victories and hope to see Marta García on the track of the Monaco Grand Prix very soon!

Marta Garcia makes a comeback to racing, takes P3
@ W Series Media

Marta Garcia scored her first podium finishing in third place in the first ever race of the newly founded W-Series in Hockenheim (GER) on May 4th. The eighteen-year-old (youngest in the whole W-Series field) came back from a one-and-a-half-year hiatus of racing cars and made more of an impact than even those, who had previously seen her racing and knew of her talent, had reckoned with.

It was an even bigger surprise, since the first sessions of the weekend had not looked as promising as the final result. In the free practices she was still searching her pace, but in the qualifying she showed the first hint of what was yet to come: she started into the race from P5.

Marta Garcia makes a comeback to racing, takes P3
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After the conditions during the 2nd practice and qualifying had been challenging the racers with downpours and temperatures dropping as low as 5 degrees, the race itself took place on a mostly dry Hockenheim circuit. Garcia showed racecraft from the very beginning, she managed to win two positions within the first few laps. When the grid restarted behind the safety car she left no chance to her opponents attacking her and even managed to close the gap to Powell in front of her.

Marta Garcia makes a comeback to racing, takes P3
@ W Series Media

During the podium press conference, she emphasised, not only how important the initiative of the W-Series is to her – and to women racing in general – but also just how well put-together the whole program is, speaking her thanks and respect to the whole team around Catherine Bond-Muir (CEO W Series) and Matt Bishop (Communications Director, W Series).

Being asked what her take away from this race to the next in Zolder (BEL) May 16th-18th would be, she answered plainly that it would be more or less the same as it had been up until now: a lot of work in the simulator as well as analysing her previous steps, including the Hockenheim race; the goal being to find time to make up in order to be faster from the beginning of the race weekend and ultimately to fight for P1.

Source: W Series Media / HelloMonaco

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