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Missing a Star, But Not the Spirit: Monaco’s Journey at the Small States Championships

In a display of sheer athleticism and indomitable spirit, the athletes of AS Monaco did more than justice to the Principality in the Small States of Europe Championships, despite the notable absence of one of their stars, Téo Andant.

The championships, hosted in Gibraltar, welcomed 18 delegations from across Europe’s smaller nations. The event, held biennially, has grown in stature , and this year’s edition was no exception. The anticipation is already building for the next event, set to take place in the Principality of Monaco at Louis-II Stadium.

Monaco’s squad, larger than usual with 11 athletes, faced stiff competition. The high qualifying standards made participation an achievement in itself. Téo Andant, focusing on his quest for the Paris 2024 Olympics, was notably absent. Nevertheless, the Monegasque athletes rose to the occasion.

The Heartwarming Journey of Quentin Succo

One of the most poignant moments of the event was Quentin Succo’s performance in the men’s 5,000m. In a race filled with unpredictable twists, Succo clinched a silver medal. His emotional dedication of the medal to his mother, who had passed away just two weeks prior, resonated deeply with all in attendance.

Remarkable Performances Across the Board

The men’s relay team, though missing Andant, put up a commendable fight, finishing 4th, a mere two-tenths of a second from the podium. The women’s team also held their own, securing a respectable 6th place amidst fierce competition.

Yet Another Silver Medal Performance

Axel Remy, recovering from a challenging injury, showed his mettle by claiming second place in the 110m hurdles. His resilience and determination were evident as he performed when it mattered most.

Personal and National Record

Marie-Charlotte Gastaud shone in the 400m hurdles, smashing her personal and national records to finish 4th. The elusive bronze was just out of reach, but her performance was a testament to her hard work and dedication.

A Celebration of Small States

The championships weren’t just about individual triumphs but also about fostering a sense of community among Europe’s smaller nations. Countries like Albania, Andorra, Armenia, and the Vatican City, among others, came together, each contributing to the vibrant and competitive spirit of the event. Athletes from diverse disciplines, including sprinting and a range of athletic distances , cross-country, high jump, long jump, and shot put, showcased their talents, competing for the coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Looking Ahead

As the dust settles on this year’s championships, the focus shifts to the future. The anticipation for the 2026 edition in Monaco is palpable. For now, the athletes return home, their performances in Gibraltar a source of inspiration. As they look forward to future challenges, the Monegasque athletes carry with them the pride of a nation and admiration from all who witnessed their performances in Gibraltar.

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