Monaco Badminton Pulls Out All The Stops and Excels With Nine Podiums

On Saturday, March 7th, Monaco Badminton had held its 6th “A Roca” tournament at Espace Antoine – from 8 am to 9 pm. Mixed Doubles is at the heart of the Club’s activities but in this 6th edition we were to see, in effect, three tournaments in one because men and women’s singles were included – a recipe that was bound to attract a lot of players and spectators.

True to expectation the 2020 edition brought together more than 130 players from beginners to nationally ranked players. The Club is only 10 years young so this was a thrilling turnout. 

The first years focussed on the regional level and beginners , and it was just last year that the “A Roca” Tournament included players at national level. And this year it hosted mens singles at National Level N2 and N3 – impressive! 

Almost Ten Podiums for the Monegasques

Monaco’s performance was particularly strong, both for its core players and the neophytes. 

Monaco Badminton fielded 10 men and 10 women virtually a salute to equality in advance of International Women’s Rights Day. 

Monaco Badminton Excels With Nine Podiums

The results at the end of the day were 9 podiums, including 5 victories: 2 in singles and three in mixed doubles. It must be music to the ears of President Sylvie Bertrand. It was a real stretch for some who had to push themselves to the limit in both categories. Yann Lemaire was entered in men’s singles (R Top A). He won his tournament before making second in the mixed doubles with Thien Tran. 

Notable was the performance of a brand new player from the club, Elena Lukashevich, who won the singles in P Top B; then the mixed doubles with Karam Majeed.

Added to that were inspiring performances by Marie Balard and David Giard, both members of the club’s first team, who won the mixed doubles in D top A and the duo Julia Albou / Hervé Morand winners in P Top A. Other stirring performances, those of the finalists Melahat Zorlu (P Top A), Kevin Farhang (P Top C) and Hugo Malartre (P Top D), who managed second place on the podium.

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