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Monaco’s impressive results at the French Championships

President Jean-Claude Terlizzi closed the 2016-2017 season with a big smile! This season, Femina Sports achieved one of its best seasons and the Monegasque gymnasts, present on all fronts, shone at every event. This winter and in their competitions, the Monegasques also participated in “France has incredible talent” as well as in the opening and closing ceremony of New Generation. These demonstrations allowed them to learn how to deal with the stress of an audience and to improve their artistic performance, two essential aspects in gymnastics. After spending many months in the shadows, two trios prepared themselves to win a spot in France’s team and participate in the next European Championships in October in Poland.


Perfect motivation

Their objective was then to obtain the number of points required by the French Federation of Gymnastics and to be a part of the two best formations in their respective categories. Until the end of the season, they had to show incessant motivation before reaching the final stage of selection, just before the French championships. Maud Voituret, Alicia Barbero and Ana-Fiona Toullec on one team and Noémie Vallauri, Giulia Cauterucchio and Melissa Martin on the other team, were accompanied by their coach, Remi Chal Debauvais in the small town of Niort with the goal of obtaining a selection spot.

After several successful rounds and a national technical commission the results were in and the two teams secured their spots in the European Championships. Encouraged by Vice-President Béatrice Fresko and many parents, the Femina’s club, linked to the French championships, where the Principality achieved excellent results.


Future talents

After the French championships, the city of Niort also hosted the ‘Trohées Fédérales’, a competition for younger gymnasts. This year, Monaco had five teams selected. After a good round, Jolène Aquilina and Camille Grassi took fourth place. Philippine Martin, Mogane Marchandeau, Lindsey Rinaldi, Alice Stokil, Loila-Rose Toullec, Anais Dubuis, Chloé Martinez, Iris Rodjulic and Valentina Marcozzi should also be congratulated for their performances. All coaches, judges and parents can be satisfied with the performances of the gymnasts.


The results:

– Elite Nationale A Trio Juniors: Alessia Barbero, Ana-Fiona Toullec and Maud Voituret finished second in the French Championships by surpassing the Bois-Colombes team by more than one point.

– National A Trio Espoirs: Giulia Cauterucchio, Noémie Vallauri and Mélissa Martin won the title of French Champions.

– National A Espoirs Mixed duo: Ariana Katchik and Diego Lopez won second place.

– Nationale A Trio Avenir: Ines Durant, Tamara Pelassy and Daria Singer ranked second.

– Nationale A Any Duo Category: Kate Griffith and Emma Levaillant finished fourth.

– Nationale A 8-15 year old Trio: Penelope Fresko Ninon Ginola and Albane Violra ranked second.

Valérie Raibaut, French Champion

Two members of AS Monaco athletics participated in the French Championships of mountain running. For the second consecutive year, Valérie Raibaut won the title of French champion in the masters of mountain running under the Principality’s colours, a real feat because Valérie finished 13th in seniors, beating two athletes eight years younger! (1h14:15 for Valérie Raibaut, 1h15:19 for Sophie Mazenc and 1h16:09 for Sandra Annen). No doubt that this Mathematics teacher at the FANB school of Monaco will celebrate her French championship title with all the athletes, coaches and leaders of her club on the track of the Louis II stadium. A tradition for each champion of France at the ASM Athletics presided by Alain Leclercq.

mountain running

Quentin Succo international

As for Quentin Succo, he ranked 4th in the junior French championships. Nice surprise for the Monegasque who earned his place on the France junior team and who will soon participate in the European championships in Kamnik, Slovenia. Quentin finished less than a minute from the podium (1h5:28 versus 1h4:20 for 3rd by Dylan Ribeiro, from Doubs). The young athlete is in the HEC preparation class and can only devote very little time to training. His coach, Didier Boinon, decided to replace the lack of training with many competitions, a method that perfectly matches Quentin! Fantin Raibaut, also junior 2nd year, finished 5th in the open race with 1h30:09. Like Quentin Succo, Fantin gives priority to his studies at an engineering school in Lyon.

Trio Giulia Cauterucchio, Noémie Vallauri and Mélissa Martin
Trio Giulia Cauterucchio, Noémie Vallauri and Mélissa Martin. Source:

Stars of the national podium

During the team final of the French GAM championship in the 10-13 year-old category, a team comprising Daniel Aleksandrov, Hugo Villeneuve, Ivan Georges, Lorenzo Aymes and Raffaele Bigarelli won first place in the department and region, second in the South-East zone and third on the national podium, finishing this competitive season with a bronze medal.

Étoile de Monaco and its president, Dominique Bertolotto, can be proud of these young gymnasts, whom they congratulated for their performances after having led, throughout the year, their education and their daily sports training while keeping motivation high.

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