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New Grand Prix Royal Box

After almost 30 years of good and loyal service, the Royal Box of the Grand Prix has been replaced with a new one. More spacious and more comfortable, but not excessive, the news of the new space was announced at the 2nd Monaco ePrix.

“This was not a whim of the Automobile Club of Monaco. It was a simple restoration in comparison with the other Grand Prix. The old box had become obsolete, both in its capacity and in its appearance. It was no longer worthy of the standards of the Formula 1 world championships and still less of the image of the Principality and the Princely family. This box simply puts us in the standard of the F1 world championship,” explained Michel Ferry, CMA Commissioner General and General Manager of the Grand Prix.


Ultra light

In short, it is neither too much nor too little. Some upgrades were truly indispensable: the new box finally has sanitary facilities, unlike the old one. The evolution of the materials makes the structure much lighter per square metre (23 tons, versus 35 previously), thus doubling the surface area, without much impact on storage. Consisting of four recycled steel modules, the structure is overhung by a roof inspired by a plane wing “to let in the maximum light,” said one of the designers. The entrance is through an automatic glass door that opens by touch, and can be locked. The drivers who will receive the award now have a space to relax, to lay down their helmets and refresh themselves quickly, before reappearing on the first floor after climbing the inside staircase on the right (the left being reserved for the Princely family).


Comfort and simplicity

On the ground floor, behind the thick mirrors, there is a large, simple but comfortable lounge. Soundproof and slightly elevated in relation to the track, it allows its occupants to watch the race in peace, sat comfortably in black leather swivel armchairs under the spotlights in the colours of the Principality. From this vantage you can see the Nogues turn. Upstairs, above the podium, high luminosity screens will display the flags, even in full sunlight.

Finally, in the evening, on the large mirrored front, a window will appear thanks to a powerful backlight, allowing the public to see the trophies that will be distributed to the winners.

This new Grand Prix Royal Box is now fit for a Prince!

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