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Outstanding Pre-Season Victories for Roca Promise a Thrilling Season Ahead

The Roca Team from Monaco’s basketball squad is making waves in their pre-season preparations, securing two consecutive wins in their friendly matches. These victories not only showcase the team’s form but also provide a glimpse of the potential they hold for the upcoming season.

La Roca Team Triumphs in Its First Friendly Match

In their initial friendly match held in Antalya, the Roca Team faced Bahcesehir in what proved to be a thrilling contest. After an intense battle on the court, the Monégasques emerged victorious with a final score of 94-78. The victory was built on a solid defensive performance and the leadership of key players.

The match marked the team’s return after an extensive preparation in Bormio, Italy. Despite having to adapt to the absence of some key players, the Roca Team fielded a competitive lineup featuring Mike James, Matthew Strazel, Jaron Blossomgame, John Brown, and Petr Cornelie. Notably, four Monégasque players who were part of the team last year showcased their skills.

The game unfolded with moments of tension, even in a friendly match, as emotions ran high. Mike James demonstrated his prowess from beyond the arc, bringing the Roca Team within one point (32-33). Throughout the match, the Turkish team displayed sharp three-point shooting.

As the second half began, the Roca Team intensified their defensive efforts, eventually stifling their opponents. Despite facing adversity due to absent players, they continued to hold their ground. Alpha Diallo’s performance was noteworthy, contributing with free throws, three-pointers, and impressive drives to the basket.

In the end, the Roca Team secured a convincing victory, winning by a margin of 16 points (94-78). The match not only demonstrated their resilience but also hinted at their potential for the upcoming season.

La Roca Team Continues with New Success in Pre-Season

In their third pre-season friendly match, the Roca Team faced Samsunspor, showcasing their continued dominance. The match ended with a resounding victory, with a final score of 88-66.

For this friendly encounter, the team reshuffled the starting five. Mike James and Petr Cornélie retained their starting positions, while Jaron Blossomgame shifted to position 4, allowing Alpha Diallo to assume the winger role. Matthew Strazel completed the starting five.

The Roca Team wasted no time, with Mike James scoring right from the start. The team displayed their speed in transition but had difficulty converting until Alpha Diallo’s powerful eurostep, drawing a foul and converting the basket.

The first quarter saw the Roca Boys pose significant challenges to their Turkish opponents, particularly in transition. They maintained control of the game, and John Brown’s exceptional performance on both ends of the court was evident.

As the match progressed, the Roca Team’s dominance continued, with several players contributing to the score. They displayed defensive prowess and maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game.

The final score of 88-66 reflected the Roca Team’s clear dominance in the match, marking their third consecutive victory in the pre-season.

These back-to-back victories in their pre-season friendly matches highlight Monaco’s Roca Team’s potential and determination as they gear up for the upcoming basketball season. The team’s performance indicates a promising season ahead, and fans eagerly await their next challenges on the court. Go Roca!

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