Sport in the City: World Fitness Trends – 2019 in Monaco

The Fitness world does not stand still. Every year different types of training and simulators, new mobile applications and online products are released. Some trends have stayed the same all through 2017, 2018 and into the current year 2019. Others are evolving. Maya Abramowicz and Serghei Birca, the managers in World Class, will tell you all about the modern world of fitness.

# Mobile Apps

In 2019 fitness businesses will keep competing aggressively for space on their clients’ phones. There will be a number of new fitness apps and web products helping you count your calories, making daily healthy nutrition lists and assisting you to train on your own. Smart glasses equipped with mobile cards will be tracking users’ activity.

Technology, however, will not force out coaches and fitness clubs as such. Mobile applications will actually be great in simplifying not only a personal trainer’s job, but also the process of using a fitness club. Your club’s mobile application will thus let you track the availability of your trainers and how busy the club is and also receive all the necessary information about your subscription. The Polar Club system is really efficient in helping your personal trainer keep track of client statistics, making schedules, creating individual training programs and supervising overall progress.

Our new instagram project #worldclassrepeate will let you practice your fitness program efficiently in any part of the world.

Sport in the City: World Fitness Trends – 2019 in Monaco
Maya Abramowicz, World Class Membership Assistant © World Class Monaco

# Speed

High intensity interval training will remain just as popular, and for a reason. Our life is getting more hectic and we are trying to squeeze more things into one day. HIIT alternates cardio and power workouts. This means that you are still burning your calories even after your training is finished. Moreover, power training helps you build up your muscle and get rid of the fat, giving a chiseled look to your body. Just 30 minutes a day would give you this effect. The main fitness trends in 2019 are therefore high-intensity interval exercises, such as X-Training or Bootcamp.

# Multifunctional Equipment

Fitness clubs combining equipment for different types of workouts are becoming increasingly popular. Bulky power simulators will become gradually obsolete and replaced by multifunctional systems using your own weight for a workout. Our SYNRGY 360 system is one of the great examples. It allows clients the ability to do everything: stretching, strengthening your stabilizing muscles, doing functional training and introducing weight loss exercises.

Fitness clubs will be increasingly equipped with unconventional professional simulators. At the same time, more emphasis will be put on speed endurance and movement coordination rather than building muscle mass.

Sport in the City: World Fitness Trends – 2019 in Monaco
Serghei Birca, World Class Membership Assistant © World Class Monaco

# New Activities

Les Mills BARRE is being premiered by World Class Monaco in our Spring Premiere. This is a new particularly interesting workout for all those who love ballet or just dancing. It is not to be confused with body-ballet. Les Mills BARRE is a dynamic workout and not just a cardio exercise.  It also involves some power training (you will be asked to exercise with heavy disks at some point). Ballet poses and moves are its main foundation, however: from Plié, Relevé and Battement to more complex rotations and jumps. But anyone can do it. The program is designed in a way to be accessible even for those who don’t have any dance experience.

# Training Objectives

Modern people need to find ways of getting rid of stress; we are all under pressure and suffer from lack of sleep and a hectic pace of life. Depending on our personality type, we either need meditation or to pour out our emotions through aggression. We are obviously not talking about snapping at people, but going to a boxing class would be a good idea.

Boxing is one of the best fat burning workouts, depending on its duration and intensity. An intense 1.5-hour workout burns up to 800 calories. If you are boxing moderately for about an hour, you lose 500 calories. Boxing develops strength and endurance, helping you get rid of stress.

2019 will also feature a number of new tools for post-training relaxation. Traditional and steam massages are obviously still out there. Myofascial release and stretching, and also meditation before fitness training will become increasingly popular.

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