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The Monaco Run: where rain is no obstacle for our brave sportsmen and women

Oh, these unpredictable weather conditions, ready to interrupt the best of plans. In spite of it, for these brave sports enthusiasts, rain and fog were not a big deal, especially, for the participants of the 15th 10-kilometer race Monaco Run, which took place in the Principality on Sunday morning, March 11. The race in Monaco started and ended in Port Hercule. Some of the participants had the opportunity to perform not only in a single 10 km race, but also in pairs, taking turns at first 3 and then 7 kilometers. Moreover, some novice athletes could choose the 5 kilometers walk instead, preparing themselves for future challenges. The route ran through Port Hercule, up to the area around ​​the Princely Palace; then the athletes returned to Boulevard Albert 1, heading up Grimaldi Street.

In the last stage, the race participants headed through the following streets, Bretelle Louis Auréglia, Quai des Etats-Unis, completing the competition in the port of Monaco. It’s interesting that the competition attracts not only the local population, but also participants from other countries.

Monaco Run 2018
Monaco Run finish line

So, HelloMonaco chatted with two cheerful sisters Cristina and Alessia from Turin, who took part in the race.

“We came from Turin specially to participate in the race. We were totally soaked, but it does not matter! We love sports. I (Christina) am a member of Turin’s running team. This kind of competition for me is not a new thing. That’s why I motivated my sister, Alessia, to participate, for her it was a debut. Moreover, even our mother, who is 61 years old, walked 5 kilometers proving that when it comes to sport it’s never too late.”

The main motivation for the three friends was having fun on the weekend. A healthy lifestyle triumphed over their desire to stay in bed early on Sunday morning.

“We had a good result, having raced the 10 kilometers in 46 to 47 minutes. But now, at least, we would like to dry our clothes and drink some hot tea”.

Monaco Run winners 2018
Monaco Run winners of

Another participant of the Monaco Run shared with HelloMonaco her impressions of the run:

“I like to challenge myself, and this time I achieved the desired result. The whole distance I managed to run in 55 minutes”.

It is a special feature of the event that the organizers of the race do not disappoint any of the racers because everyone is rewarded with a medal.

The total number of participants was at least 800, which proves, despite the bad weather, the popularity of this competition keeps growing. In the Monaco Run absolutely no matter what gender, age, or physical shape you are in, the main thing is to participate. However, victory is also important!

Monaco Run 2018
Monaco Run

The first to finish the race was an athlete from Nice, Karim Tahri who won with a breathtaking time of 31’14. Second place was taken by Prince’s carabineer Quentin Chiai, who also recorded an impressive result – 31’47. Third place went to the Italian Jacobo Boscarini, who reached the finish in 31’51.

In the women’s race, the competition was won by the triathlete Mathilde GAUTIER, who arrived at the finish line with a result of 37’04; second place was taken by a participant from Poland Anna STANKEVICH having clocked in with a creditable time of 39’34 and the third to arrive did it in a time of 39’42; namely an athlete from AS Monaco, Adriana Maria DI GUISTO GRIGORAS.

At the end of the sports event, the “Pan Bagnat Party” took place, where 150 volunteers, braving the rain, were busy preparing snacks for the participants.

Well, what a success the day was; and we can be sure that the celebration of sport in the Principality always can be counted on to be so, again and again!

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