Why did Arsenal Gave Up Trying to Sign Kylian Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe is on the headlines again for scoring the victorious shot against Argentina and achieving a Round of 16 win. The 19 year old proved his worth in the 68th minute of the game which saw his team sail past the group stage into the quarter finals on June 30.  Many sports bettors would have wanted Arsenal to sign him up. Yet, that didn’t happen. And while you can always see five great gambling movies to cheer yourself up, if you are a ginners fan, this isn’t great news.

A Look at Mbappe’s Journey till Now

He can be said to be the main reason behind the victory of France and his contribution have earned them a match against Uruguay on July 7. Mbappe started causing trouble to the Argentinean side from the beginning of the game winning an early penalty. That gave France the perfect chance to build on the pass and a goal was scored by Antoine Griezmann in the 13th minute of the match.

Mbappe scored two goals in the 4-3 win against Argentina and scored his first goal in the 64th minute of the game. Benjamin Pavard sealed the fate of Argentina in the 57th minute by acing a goal from the end of the field. Sadly the match saw Argentina leave the stage of the World Cup for this year and Mbappe win the man of the match award.

Mbappe is currently one of the most expensive players in the world. It prevents any question of transfer from his club Paris Saint-Germain for the near future but things were a bit different if we go back a little and look at the career of Mbappe.

Before the talented forward joined the league 1 champions for an amount of £166 million, he used to play for Monaco. During that time he was under the surveillance of many European teams who wanted him to play for their side. Amongst the teams, three Premier League sides also expressed their interest is signing up the player. According to reports, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have been said to approach him.

Both Liverpool and Chelsea wanted to sign him up when he turned 15. But the young footballer didn’t show any interest and turned both of them down. Arsenal was a bit late to come into the picture and showed up when Mbappe turned 17 years of age. Reportedly the official of the team even started rounds of discussion with his agent and his family.

If we are to go by the words of football expert Guillem Balague, the agent and family of Mbappe wanted £7 million to finalize the deal. But Arsenal was not too sure on the talents of the 17 year old and decided to back down from the deal. That is the whole story why Arsenal didn’t get to sign up the heroic Kylian Mbappe for their side. Otherwise we may have seen a different story written in the history of football altogether.

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