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Brazen Celebrity Thefts, Driving Dangerously Drunk, Monaco Courts Act!

Brazen Theft of Top Ranked Tennis Pro’s Luxury Watch

In a brazen daylight incident in Roquebrune, American tennis sensation Sebastian Korda fell prey to a theft, losing his €300,000 watch just days before the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000 tournament. The 23-year-old athlete, ranked 27th in the ATP, became a victim of the luxury watch theft.

The theft, though not unprecedented, shocked many as it unfolded on a Thursday afternoon, casting a shadow over the impending tournament. Reportedly as Korda descended a staircase between Avenue de France and Avenue Varavilla, two individuals on a scooter executed what appeared to be a calculated theft, snatching his prized Richard Mille timepiece before fleeing the scene.

Authorities in Menton swiftly took charge of the case, initiating DNA collection and surveillance efforts to track down the perpetrators. Despite the ordeal, Korda managed to maintain his composure, allowing him to compete in the Monte-Carlo tournament. However, his journey in the tournament was short-lived, as he bowed out in the second round against Italian player Jannik Sinner on April 10th.

Driving so drunk, almost Comatose … a Danger to the Public!

Yet another case of drunkenness … a 37-year-old Portuguese man, obviously drunk, is checked by police officers. The breathalyzer displays an alcohol level of over 2.5 grams in the blood, not that far away from triggering a coma.

When you are that drunk, everyone who crosses your path when you are at the wheel is in danger: children leaving school, people coming home from work.

The hotel employee tries to excuse his consumption that day. Then it is revealed he had been drinking vodka the and has an addiction problem, for which he was treated at the CHPG in the past.

The defendant had already been convicted by French courts for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The prosecutor called for a 6 months suspended prison sentence, a two-year ban on driving in Monaco and a fine of 500 euros. The judges concurred and imposed the six months in prison with suspended sentence. Added was the obligation to seek care, as well as a two-year ban on driving in the Principality.

Monaco Police Quick to Pounce on a Criminal at the Station

A young night watchman in a hotel, was arrested by police officers, with bags on the platform of the SNCF station. It turned out he had spent more than €1,500 in various stores across the country, mainly on luxury phone accessories intended for resale.

The tip-off to Police was when he tried in vain to use a card not belonging to him to make more purchases and didn’t have the code. The store called the Police.

Where did this credit card come from? Bought on the Dark Web perhaps?

Looking for sympathy the accused explained he planned to sell the products in his bags to pay his rent before finding a job.

No sympathy from the Prosecutor who accused him of making little effort to find a job to solve his problems. The Prosecutor proposed a 3 months suspended prison sentence which the Court accepted and added a fine of 1,500 euros.

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