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Monaco Courts Fight Violence, Crazed Alcoholic Binges, and Cunning Fugitives

Fierce Rabid Dog Attacks Four Monaco Policemen – But It’s A Man!

A sensational case with behaviour rarely seen even by veteran police. Blame it on alcohol, but the court was reluctant to allow the perpetrator to escape all responsibility. In Monte Carlo a German business manager in his fifties went on a drinking binge with his friends. Bottle followed bottle down the hatch all evening, with schnapps adding to the alcoholic trance that enveloped him. Finally stumbling onto a bus before midnight, cursing and insulting the driver and refusing to buy a ticket, the police were summoned to the scene. The man turned into a fierce barking dog and bit the first policeman deeply on his forearm. It took four police officers to restrain him while he struggled. He even tried to bite them between the legs in the scuffle.

Law and Order

Prison awaited, saved only by the fact the man’s behaviour in court was tearful and remorseful. He swore he could remember nothing; he couldn’t even recall mounting the bus. What to do? One of the police had had to be put on injury-leave for eight days.

For starters, the Court awarded 2000 euros civil damages to the injured policeman. Then for the outrageous behaviour a 5000 euro fine was slammed on top.

Law and Order

The Prosecutor demanded a firm exemplary jail sentence. Showing clemency to this family man with no prior offenses who was also remorseful, the Court opted for a 15 day suspended sentence. The Prosecution was not buying it – the case will likely go to appeal for a stiffer sentence. Assaulting the police in that manner is just too serious.

Fugitive On The Run

A fraudulent Monaco Identity Card was the perfect “disguise” for a man on the run. This Italian escapee from the law relaxed under cover in Monaco, believing he had found the ideal solution to keep under the radar. He was hiding first and foremost from the Italian police – for tax evasion among an array of alleged fiscal crimes.

There is a criminal network operating in Milan selling false IDs and by parting with 500 euros this Italian – call him Marco because he has several false names it turns out – secured a Monaco Identity Card.

Unluckily for him the Italian police got hold of the false name under which he was hiding and alerted the Monaco authorities. Swift action by the Monaco police swept Marco into the net. His mobile phone held the key to further information linking him to a series of fiscal crimes.

Law and Order

Due to a legal loophole, Marco was released to await his date in court. No surprise that at the appointed time he didn’t show up. The Italian police were still searching for him while Monaco settled his court case with him absent. Little option than to deal severely with a “no show” defendant. The Judge accepted the prosecution’s recommendation for a one-month jail sentence.

Midnight Drunken Fury Unleashed on Visiting Englishman

Outside one of the most prestigious сlubs in Monaco – the midnight calm is about to explode into violence. A man from Nice is enraged – he viciously head-butts and punches an Englishman who heads for hospital with a split-lip and bruises all over his face. Exiting the hospital the Brit files a complaint with the police, who from video surveillance cameras trace the car of the attacker.

So what caused the violent assault? The defendant claimed to be very drunk and enraged and impatient because his car was boxed-in and the car-valet was too slow freeing up his car.

Law and Order

The Brit’s version of the story was he had asked the Frenchman politely to move his car, because it was indeed the Frenchman’s car that was blocking. And the Nicois had responded with an unprovoked attack.

The Court was more focused on the unacceptable violence committed in Monaco. The Prosecution recommended a 10-day suspended prison sentence. The Court deemed the violence too serious and meriting a month’s prison, suspended. Add a hefty 3000 euro award for injury to the Brit.

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