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Surveillance Cameras Identify Thieves for Capture by Alerted Police

Over Quarter of a Million Euros of Jewellery Grabbed in Hotel 

A South American under 60 years of age has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing luxury jewelry at a famous Hotel in Monaco. He appeared in the Monaco criminal court admitting to the theft of jewellery valued at over quarter of a million euros from a couple travelling for in the Principality.

The defendant had posed as a maintenance worker sent to the room where he stole the jewellery.

Analysis of surveillance camera footage together with his fingerprints allowed the Monaco Police to identify him. 

The defendant refused to reveal links to criminal networks fearing for his personal safety. Expressing remorse he claimed he wanted to return to South America to rejoin and help his family. 

The victim sought hundreds of thousands of damages for financial and emotional harm. The defense attorney, emphasized the defendant’s life of poverty and need to support a large family and argued against a lengthy sentence. 

The court sentenced the thief to two years in prison underscoring the need for Monaco to remain a safe place and the importance of sending a strong message to thieves.

Boutique Attracts a Thief Targetting Luxury Dresses 

Dresses and perfume worth up 5.000 euros had been stolen from a luxury fashion store in Monaco.

Surveillance footage led to rapid capture of the thief who changed clothes in order to disguise herself. But the Police saw through the disguise and immediately arrested her. 

During questioning, the accused tried to hide her real identity which is an offense in itself. 

Regarding the motive for her actions, the North African claimed to be a victim of abuse by her husband and heavily in debt. The purpose of the thievery was to lighten her debt load. 

In her favour prior to sentencing was a clean criminal record in both French and Monegasque jurisdictions. To no avail were pleas for clemency. The Court handed her down a 3 months suspended sentence

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