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The Wheels Of Justice Turn In Monaco

Two Sisters Caught Stealing Near Port Hercule  

Two professional thieves, half-sisters feigned a normal shopping spree in Monaco recently. While one distracted the cashier with the pretended purchase of two sweaters the other sister snatched cash of over 200 euros from the till. The two then bolted from the store with the stolen cash and merchandise. The police were not alerted quickly enough to catch them red-handed but some meticulous sleuthing turned up trumps. Close scrutinization of the security camera footage revealed two ladies getting out of a car near the store and returning a little later. The registration of the car was quickly circulated to police around the Principality. It didn’t take long – less than two weeks before the sisters were confronted in Monaco in their car. A quick arrest followed and the manager of the store identified them as the robbers. From that point the wheels of justice turned. Prior convictions in France and numerous citations of theft in Italy left the court considering a request from the prosecution for an exemplary stiff penalty. The court sentenced the two, (one lived in Italy, the other in France) to firm prison terms of 6 months and 3 months. Justice done!

Law and Order

Prison for Stealing Over 10 000 euros at the сasino

An audacious theft of 500 € chips at the roulette tables. A professional thief from Italy jumped over the cordon of a roulette table that had just been closed. The croupier had his back turned and was focusing on going to another roulette table. It took only moments to steal at least 20 mauve chips for a value of 10 000 € and disappear into the crowd of players. The total number of chips stolen may have added up to as much as 20 000 €. But the security was waiting for him to cash his chips before involving the police. They had his face on camera; they just needed his name. Intelligently, they discreetly noted his identity when he had to cross a security check point before approaching the cashier to cash in his chips.

Law and Order

Attempts to have him show up in court to face charges were thwarted by excuses of infirmity due to a severe psychological condition. The court sought details of prior offenses of this 64-year-old Italian and discovered a record of many thefts piled over 20 years.

An attempt to mitigate a potentially serious sentence by promising never again to appear in the Principality was rejected. His psychological condition did not impress the Court either. Not fit enough to turn up in court, not fit enough to work but fit enough to pull off complex robberies was not going to wash. The prosecution’s request for a sentence of 3 months firm in prison was doubled by the Court to six months! It does not pay to steal in the сasino in Monaco or any other сasino for that matter.

Partying with Drugs is Rewarded with a Stiff Fine

Law and Order

There are occasionally offenders who are more foolish than predatory. Nevertheless, in the area of drug offenses the penalties can be severe. A young Italian gentleman, a commercial director 34 year old, and his friend got themselves into serious hot water when they drove into Monaco for a several day spree of high living. They checked into the hotel with a cache of drugs they had bought in Spain. Not heeding the consequences of being caught driving through Spain and France to Monaco with their stash, they went one step too far in Monaco. Driving his car recklessly by Quai Saint Antoine, the Italian was stopped and cautioned. In the process the police could not help but notice white powder on his trousers. Admitting consuming drugs the Italian handed over a small packet of the drugs. A search of their room in the hotel revealed paraphernalia for using drugs. The assortment of drugs included cocaine, testosterone and crack in small quantities for partying for the two friends that week. They were lucky. The Court was lenient noting that there were no prior offenses in Monaco, France or Italy. The Court also took into account the remorse of the Italian for his foolishness. A stiff fine for the Italian of 3 000 € sufficed and a lessor fine of 500 € for his friend. A dangerous weekend and an expensive one.

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