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Monaco in Figures: All you Need to Know about the New Study

“Monaco in Figures”, an annual collection of statistics by the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies was recently published as a six-part booklet. If you are passionate about stats and numbers, this study has everything you need to know about Monaco’s employees, population, budget and more. Here is our summary.

A sun-drenched year

Monaco is known for its gorgeous weather and last year was no different. The highest temperature recorded in 2022 was 35.1°C and the lowest was 5.3°C. There were 43 days of rainfall and 2,650 hours of sunshine!


This constitutional monarchy, headed by HSH Prince Albert II, has an area of 2.08 km2. 39,050 inhabitants from 139 nationalities call Monaco home. 9,686 people are Monegasque and 94.9% of Monegasques reside in the Principality. The most popular nationality is French, followed by Monegasque, Italian, British and Swiss.

Despite its small size, there are 132 accredited foreign embassies in Monaco and 130 Monegasque consulates worldwide.


The average age in Monaco is 46.4 years old. Most of Monaco’s population (25.9%) fall into the 65+ age category, followed closely (22.5%) by 50-64 year olds. 18.8% of people are between 36-49, 16.9% are 18-35 and 15.9% are under 18. There are 6,358 school pupils studying in Monaco’s 14 schools (including 10 public schools). There are 11 municipal childcare centres and 1 toddler daycare.


There are 19,534 housing units in Monaco, with 2.1 people per household. 77.8% of main residences have internet access. The most popular district is Monte-Carlo (with 22% of inhabitants and 25% of Monaco’s housing units). Next is La Rousse (19% inhabitants) followed by a tie between Jardin Exotique and La Condamine (both at 14%). Next is Fontvielle (12%), Les Moneghette (11%) and Larvotto (5%). In last place is Monaco-Ville with 3% of inhabitants.

Surplus Budget of 32.2 million euros

Monaco’s GDP for 2021 was 7.27 billion euros (+21.6%). Revenue in 2022 was 2.07 billion euros including vat (which was 999.5 millions euros or 48.2%). Expenditure in 2022 was 2.04 billion euros, which means that Monaco had a surplus of 32.2 million euros after 2022.

Only 3.8% of Monaco’s workers are Monegasque

Monaco has 60,519 employees (8.3% of which are in the public sector). Only 13.0% of employees live in Monaco. Most employees (62.2%) are French. 14.3% are Italian, 6.8% are Portuguese, 3.8% are Monegasque and 1.4% are Romanian. Monaco has 3,910 employers in the private sector, excluding employers of domestic staff.  There are 7,075 economic agents in activity, 1,328 of which are Monegasque public limited companies.

Tourism: 514,474 hotel rooms booked in 2022

There are 13 rated hotels in Monaco, with 80.1 % of rooms rated 4 or 5 stars. 514,474 rooms were booked in 2022 with the majority of tourists who booked the rooms being French. Italians were the second numerous, British were third, followed by Americans and Germans in 5th. Monaco welcomed 54,522 cruise passengers last year.

Public transportation

Monaco has 8 bus routes, 1 rail station, 1 heliport and 2 ports (with 1,273 vessels who fly the Monegasque flag). Local energy accounts for 23% of national consumption.

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