Grimaldi Family

Seven centuries of the Grimaldi Family history

In 1997 the Principality of Monaco celebrated the 700 anniversary of the Grimaldi dynasty rule. The story of the dynasty began on January 8, 1297, when Francois Grimaldi, dressed up like a Franciscan monk, together with his allies captured the fortress at the Rocks of Monaco above the Port Hercules.

The Grimaldi dynasty has had many dukes, which have made Monaco famous and inscribed prominent pages into the history of the Principality. Rainier I was the General Admiral of France; Honoré II initiated entering into the most important treaties with France; Louis I was the Ambassador of the Holy See during Louis XIV rule; Antoine I became famous as a great patron of art; Charles III founded Monte-Carlo, and laid the foundation for the Principality’s prosperity; Albert I became famous as the Prince of the Seas and the father of oceanography; Louis II was called the Soldier Prince; and Rainier III was named the Builder Prince because it was during the times of his rule that the Principality received its modern outlook, and reclaimed the Fontvieille district from the sea.

Prince Rainier III married a 26-year-old American actress Grace Kelly, who he met during her visit of the Cannes Festival as a member of the American delegation. It was not a story about a Prince Charming and Cinderella though, because the dowry of Grace constituted around two million U.S. dollars. After the wedding Princess Grace was unable to keep playing in the cinema, and her movies were forbidden in the Principality. In 1982 Princess Grace died tragically in a car crash, leaving three children after herself, Princess Caroline, Stephanie, and Prince Albert II, who inherited the crown in 2005.

In 2011 Prince Albert married Miss Charlene Wittstock, who represented South Africa at the times of her swimming career at the Olympics. Prince Albert II is known as the Green Prince for his projects in the area of environment.

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