The Riviera

Ghostbusters of the French Riviera

Romain and Nicolas are ghost trackers. They help “haunted” people and explore ruins like the ones at Castillon in order to demonstrate the existence of paranormal phenomena.

It always starts with “making contact”. In the darkness of the ruins of Castillon church, Romain Gorlez and Nicolas Vora vocalize their intentions to any ghosts that might haunt the place. “We are not here to make you disappear or to persuade you. But just to know if you want to show yourself.” The ghost-trackers speak in sweet and monotonous tones that flow like soothing music. Both of them are 24 years old, childhood friends and launched the ERPI paranormal association in Nice, last year. They are defined as “ghost trackers” and not as “ghost hunters”. Pursuing slimy, green demons like the ones in the film Ghostbusters are not what they’re after. Money isn’t what they’re after either. “Every time we intervene, it’s free. Our goal is to help people first.”

The ghost trackers will not investigate cemeteries “Out of respect for the dead. ”

Their passion for the paranormal began with a troubling childhood experience. “I was six years old and it was the middle of the night,” says Nicolas, “I felt something hot against my back, then I was scratched and heard a grunt. At the same time my door – which closes from the inside – had locked itself. My father heard me shouting and couldn’t get in. Then the door re-opened.” He says. The former soldier seemed very upset. For his friend Romain, unexplained experiences date back to adolescence. “I was in my bed when my office chair turned over. The next morning it had been moved into the living room,” he says, with a shudder.

Ghostbusters in Nice
Their passion for the paranormal began with a troubling childhood experience

A year ago, the spirit trackers led their first mission to Cagnes-sur Mer. “It was a family who called us because their daughter was regularly awakened in the middle of the night. One day, the father heard a woman’s voice in his child’s room.” The investigators made their “contact” and waited for 4 hours before the supernatural event.

“There were heavy blows against the walls and clear eyes appeared in the dark without blinking. At that point, the family recognized an old woman that used to live in the building. A deceased woman who took care of the little girl. In the end, it turned out to be a gentle Casper, rather than a wicked ghost. “The parents were reassured to know that it was not a bad soul.

Glasses that move on their own or curtains that tremble and dance… Nicolas and Romain try to prove the existence of the supernatural world. “Are they souls who do not wish to pass to other side or who do not know that they are dead?” There are many assumptions. “How can one explain that hundreds of years later, the same things are experienced by people who have never met and who do not know each other?” In fact, Nicolas Vora invites the most intrepid readers to undertake the flame test: windows closed and in the dark, watch the movement of a candle that dances on the walls, interrogating a spirit.

The two “trackers” investigate on demand and explore sites which are full of history and emotion. “It’s very complicated, you need permission and our approach can be frightening,” concedes Nicolas, sticking his camcorder near his hair, which is as black as a raven’s feathers. That day, they chose the rugged landscape of the ancient village of Castillon. A place that has experienced wars and earthquakes and could be haunted. They were armed with an infrared camera, recorder, radio and electromagnetic frequency sensor. The material was carefully placed in the churches ruins. They waited until they picked up something on the numerous devices to know if a ghost has made itself known. The trackers were called upon, in Nice. “A lady thinks her husband is possessed by a spirit. Whether one believes it or not, something must be done.”

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