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Postcards of the past – a rare glimpse of 19th century Monaco

The Monte-Carlo Casino

Straight from the archives of the Washington Congress library, these old photographs show the Principality of Monaco in a way not often seen. And to top it off they are in colour. Captured  between 1890 and 1900 and coloured using a process called “Photochrome”, these photos offer a stroll through time, amongst unrecognizable landscapes, emblematic buildings and missing works. The …

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Art Monte-Carlo celebrates international exhibitors for a second year

Art Monte-Carlo - 2017

The fair opened this weekend, bringing together about 40 international galleries to attract collectors and anyone curious about discovering the world of art. It was a gamble in 2016, but Art Monte-Carlo has returned for a second season, with a positive balance sheet boosted by enthusiastic word of mouth. The concept for 2017 remained intact. About forty galleries exhibited their most …

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La Condamine Sculptures: continuing the walk

Sainte Devote

HelloMonaco continues its series on the splendid sculptures hidden around Monaco with part two of the treasures tucked away in the Condamine area, works of art that hold great significance and have very intriguing historical backgrounds. Nestled amongst the flowerbeds in-between the entrance to the Monaco train station and the Church of Sainte Devote, there is another intriguing sculpture. It …

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Taking a look at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is the resplendent official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert II, and of his wife, Princess Charlene and their twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. Although Monaco has existed since ancient times, it wasn’t until 1191 that a residence was built – initially as a fortress of the Genoese granted by the …

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Stéphane Bolongaro’s exhibition in Monaco Automobile Museum

Stéphane Bolongaro and Prince Albert

Marrying humor with consumerism, Stéphane Bolongaro’s art manages to seduce passers-by as well as seasoned art collectors.  His universe gives a playful nod to childhood.  The artist is well-known to the wider public for ‘Totor’, a Jack Russell terrier painted in bright colors which comes straight from his imagination. “It’s a Jack Russell dog, a reassuring, touching dog, which evokes …

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La Condamine Sculptures: start of the route


This article is part of the HelloMonaco series devoted to the historical and alluring sculptures that adorn the gardens and pedestrian areas in Monaco. We’ve already strolled among Fontveille sculptures and now we invite you to join us in another pleasant walk. This time we will be exploring the Condamine quarter, discovering the art that is nestled in the side streets of …

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The lost piece of the monegasque patrimonial collection

Whale hunt

A valuable painting had been taken from the Oceanographic Museum in 2000 and has recently been returned safely. All is well that ends well, but like all the police stories, it started badly. On 16 December 2000, the Livorno Museum of Natural History in Italy was burgled during the night. The thief escaped with three works of art, including a …

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Legendary Wine Cellar under the Hotel de Paris

The Hôtel de Paris Wine Cellar

Tour of the Legendary Wine Cellar under the Hotel de Paris “Our wish is to preserve the exclusivity of this exceptional place. I put myself at the entrance and I do it all day [laughs],”says the chief wine waiter of the Hotel de Paris, Patrice Frank, as he opens the doors to the sanctuary. “We are lucky to have 1,500 …

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The magic of film in the South of France: A view from the past

French film The Sultane of Love

There is a special charm to silent movies and here we will recount some of that magic from the famous French film The Sultane of Love by drawing from historical articles. Who remembers The Sultane of love (in French: Sultane de l’amour)? This old silent film, evoking the stories of Shéhérazade and the Thousand and One Nights came out in …

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Open house at Monaco’s Art School

Art school

Monaco’s art school welcomed students and curious visitors inside their walls to present the activities and work carried out in the establishment. Normally, the art school is reserved for study and creation. Yesterday, the Bosio Pavilion was accessible to everyone. An open house at the arts college on the Rock. Firstly, so that aspiring students could enter and discover the …

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