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The lost piece of the monegasque patrimonial collection

Whale hunt

A valuable painting had been taken from the Oceanographic Museum in 2000 and has recently been returned safely. All is well that ends well, but like all the police stories, it started badly. On 16 December 2000, the Livorno Museum of Natural History in Italy was burgled during the night. The thief escaped with three works of art, including a …

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Legendary Wine Cellar under the Hotel de Paris

The Hôtel de Paris Wine Cellar

Tour of the Legendary Wine Cellar under the Hotel de Paris “Our wish is to preserve the exclusivity of this exceptional place. I put myself at the entrance and I do it all day [laughs],”says the chief wine waiter of the Hotel de Paris, Patrice Frank, as he opens the doors to the sanctuary. “We are lucky to have 1,500 …

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The magic of film in the South of France: A view from the past

French film The Sultane of Love

There is a special charm to silent movies and here we will recount some of that magic from the famous French film The Sultane of Love by drawing from historical articles. Who remembers The Sultane of love (in French: Sultane de l’amour)? This old silent film, evoking the stories of Shéhérazade and the Thousand and One Nights came out in …

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Open house at Monaco’s Art School

Art school

Monaco’s art school welcomed students and curious visitors inside their walls to present the activities and work carried out in the establishment. Normally, the art school is reserved for study and creation. Yesterday, the Bosio Pavilion was accessible to everyone. An open house at the arts college on the Rock. Firstly, so that aspiring students could enter and discover the …

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This Season in The Princess Grace Theatre: personal plays and hilarious masterpieces

Momo by Sébastien Thiery,

The Princess Grace Theatre continues its season with no fewer than twelve shows until May. A rich, varied and highly anticipated program. A piece from a Woody Allen film, ‘Husbands and Wives’ (extended for a second date on the 30th of April) kicked off the second part of the season in January. Several more large pieces of theatre are being …

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The Incredible Story of Rembrandt’s Stolen Masterpiece

Stolen Rembrandt

Stolen on the 13th of July, 1999, during a military parade, the painting ‘Child with a soap bubble’ was returned to the municipal museum of Draguignan in March, 2014. Rembrandt of Draguignan The incredible robbery of Rembrandt’s painting “Child with a Soap Bubble”, later found in Nice, and its restitution are the subject of a documentary aired this evening on …

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Sculpture park – Fontvieille – Part IV

A Rider

There are still sculptures whose history we have not yet been revealed to you here and they are all decorating various gardens and parks of Monaco. In this final article in our series on sculpture, our walk in Fontvieille park is coming to an end. Today we will begin with Roberto Barney, an Italian sculptor living in Florence. He offered …

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New Year’s Eve around the World

New Year’s Eve in Monaco

Bringing in the New Year is a special occasion celebrated around the world. The moment is always joyous, but traditions differ country to country and are sometimes surprising. Let’s go on a small trip around the planet on the 31st of December at midnight… Down Under Australia is the first country to celebrate New Year’s Day. In Sydney, on the …

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Sculpture park – Fontvieille – Part III

Motophant elephant

HelloMonaco continues to tell you about the history of sculptures which decorate the gardens and parks of Monaco. These sculptures hidden in the park of Fontvieille are masterpieces by different modern artists from all corners of the globe. The strange elephant by the name of “Motophant” will appear on your path while you walk in the Fontvieille park. Let’s stop …

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Winter Holidays in France

If you are interested in knowing more about the history of Christmas traditions in France, this article will provide some answers. So just how are the French celebrations different from the Monegasques on this most solemn day of the year? Just like in Monaco, France starts to celebrate its Christmas on 4 December, St. Barbara’s Day, and continues as far …

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