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Sightseeing in Monaco: where to go

Hotel de Paris by night

Despite its small surface, Monaco is full of beautiful and amazing attractions. If you plan to see all of them, we advise you to come here for at least a weekend. Here is a review of the main places to visit during your trip to the Principality. Bon voyage! If you like to travel on your own, start your trip …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: The Police of Monaco

Police officers of Monaco on bikes

This week we found more curious facts about the Principality of Monaco. And we bet you didn’t know that… They say Monaco is the safest place in the world. Let’s look at the statistics. The population of Monaco is estimated at 38,000 people, while police force numbers 521. After having made some simple calculations we can make a conclusion that …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: flag of Monaco

Several stands in a row with Monaco flags

In this instalment of our ‘Unknown facts’ series, we give you some little known facts of Monaco’s iconic red and white flag. As the second smallest state in the world (after the Vatican), Monaco has been attracting the rich and the famous for over a century. And it famously played out a living fairy tale when it made a princess …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1

Jaguar Racing car with the diamond

The world-famous Monaco Grand Prix of the Formula 1 race circuit has sped through the streets of Monaco for more than 65 years. Here are some curious facts about this legendary race. For starters, before the race starts, all the manhole covers have to be welded down. This is important because the extreme down force created by an F1 car …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino by night

Did you know that every year, more than 7,000,000 tourists take selfies in front of the Monte Carlo Casino? Since Monaco has become a sort of gambling ‘mecca,’ its main ‘temple’ located on the Place de Casino attracts people ready to risk their fortunes. Or at least take a photo in front of one of the most beautiful and well-known …

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Unknown facts about Monaco: Masterpieces of architecture

Monaco: Masterpieces of architecture

Opéra de Monte-Carlo Did you know that one of the most striking buildings of Monaco, the Opera de Monte-Carlo (also known as Salle Garnier), was built in only 8 months? Designed by Charles Garnier, best known as the architect of the Opéra Garnier in Paris, it is an extension to the Casino de Monte-Carlo. The magnificent music hall with 524 …

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The Museum of Vintage Automobiles – the Royal Family collection


Things to do and see in Monaco. The Monaco Museum of Vintage / Ancient Automobiles is a collection of the Grimaldi Family. It is a unique museum, about which, for some reason, only a few tourists know. Nevertheless, both adults and children, enthusiasts and admirers of beautiful cars, are likely to be amazed by it. Located on the terraces of …

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Jardin Exotique – the Exotic Garden of Monaco

Снимок экрана 2013-07-18 в 22.52.32

Things to do and see in Monaco The Exotic Garden, opened in 1933, extends up until the very border between France and Monaco. An unbelievable collection of the rare types of African and Latin American cacti, aloe, and gigantic agave plants, delivered from the Aztecs’ plateau, is gathered here. The climate conditions of Monaco create perfect grounds for the growth …

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