Olga Taran: ‘If you are asked for help, just help!’
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Olga Taran, Editor-in-chief of HelloMonaco
Olga Taran, Editor-in-chief of HelloMonaco

Olga Taran: ‘If you are asked for help, just help!’

Dear readers of HelloMonaco,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Olga Taran, I am a Monaco resident, owner and editor-in-chief of www.hellomonaco.com. Since it is rather difficult to write about oneself, I asked my friend, a professional journalist to interview me:

I.: Olga, three years ago we published your interview for Change One Life’s website. Back then, you adopted a wonderful boy and became a mother of three. At that point, you said that you were keeping your options open to go back into business. And now, you are in a new role as owner and editor-in-chief of www.hellomonaco.com. Why did you choose journalism?

Olga: I should say that originally I was a journalist. Some years ago, I worked in television in Russia. Then I began to help my husband in his business and got “stuck” there for 10 years. I was a commercial director of a company in Russia, then a marketing director in the USA. But, as they say, there are no “former” journalists. So here I am, back in the trade. HelloMonaco is not just a purely journalistic project though. A special place is given here to charity since I am an ambassador of “Change One Life” Foundation in Monaco.

I.:Why did you choose Monaco and the Cote d’Azur?

Olga: Monaco is a very small country, a step to the right and you’re in France, a step to the left, and you are in Italy. A wonderful climate, a truly azure sea and complete and absolute security! I can recommend Monaco for a living without any doubts. Quite a number of Russian-speaking families come here on a vacation or even stay permanently. These are mainly wealthy people from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. By the way, many of them have large families. One of my friends, for example, is a mother of 6! Another has 4 children! Family and children are important here. People understand that spending time with their loved ones is what really matters in life. Children are our future. And what would a future of a country be if children grow up without a mother’s love and care? We have tens of thousands of children in orphanages in Russia and Ukraine.

I.: What difference do you hope to make with HelloMonaco project?

Olga: Let’s just say that I’ve been living in Monaco for the last 3 years. There are several magazines and newspapers that talk about Monaco in one way or another. However, so far there hasn’t been an online resource that would present a daily life of the Principality, share its economic, social and cultural key events. There are some monthly magazines, but mostly quarterly editions. Our online project, hellomonaco.com, is designed in such a way that the reader get a direct entry to all the resources, whether he/she is looking for news, analytical data, entertainment or useful information. We also offer a specially designed mobile version of the website, e-mail subscription, and Facebook and Instagram access. It is designed to become a unified source of carefully selected information.

Nowadays, with more and more media out there, the quality of information matters. We will share the events happening in our little country and community, cover cultural projects, prepare analytical materials and attract different experts in real estate, sports, beauty, luxury industry etc. This will naturally remain within the scope of our (and hopefully your) interests.

We will also tell you more about people in Monaco and establish a better dialogue with our readers through interactive actions. That is why we really need your feedback. Please tell us what you would like to know, in what topics you are interested in. We would also like to find like-minded people who are ready to help. As I have already mentioned, the commercial part of our website will change. We are not a charity organization, but, as I said, all the profits from this project sponsor the Change One Life Foundation.

I.: Why do you think that your project will be a success?

Olga: The idea of charity is supported in the Principality both at the state level and by ordinary citizens. It is also true that Monaco is ranked first in the world in terms of its millionaires, who account for 29% of this tiny state’s population. We have numerous parties and fundraising charity balls taking place at the most luxurious hotels and the Monte-Carlo Casino. Famous politicians, actors, sportsmen and businessmen are involved in collecting donations. Helping and doing charity is part of the culture of the wealthy class in Europe.

Russia is getting there as well in terms of charity and philanthropy actions. I really hope to draw the attention of the local population to the problem of orphans in Russia. I am sure that helping children to find a family will find a response in the hearts of Monaco residents. It cannot be otherwise! There are so many caring people and caring parents who are well aware that a child must live in a family, rather than in a government building. I understand that not everyone can adopt a child, but everyone can help one to find his way to a home.

I.: Why “Change One Life” Foundation?

Olga: The Foundation has proven its reputation in Russia. Its actions are known throughout various regions of the country. In four years, the foundation made 26,500 videos, each telling a story of a child who waits for his or her parents. More than 8,700 children found their parents thanks to these video profiles. Even in business, this is a very good success rate. Every third child has found a home! Just imagine that all these children left an orphanage to join real families with mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. This is a real victory!
We made many video profiles, but more are needed to be done. That is why the Foundation needs help. Each video costs about 40 Euros. And every time the help is targeted: there is a child behind every video profile. And behind each video profile there is a person who helps this child to find a family. Watch the video to see how our Foundation operates: If you want to help us to film a video, please click the link below:

If you want to help us to film a video, please click the link below: https://changeonelife.ru/donations/

I.: Olga, could you share your 5 basic life principles?

Olga: It is not a simple question, but I will try:

1. Sometimes actions are better than words. I make decisions quickly. This approach works the best for me. If I like an idea, find it inspiring, I go for it straight away. And I find solutions while implementing it into life. I prefer not to waste too much time analyzing and reflecting. I begin to act while I am still boiling with enthusiasm.

2. Always searching for new friends and acquaintances. They say that true friends are those whom you have known from the cradle. I do not quite agree with that. I’m always looking for new, interesting, successful people from whom I can learn. There are many of those in Monaco. I also intend to write about them at HelloMonaco.com.

3. You don’t have to be a genius, just be persistent. Men are the ones designed to be geniuses. They are revolutionaries, inventors, and pioneers. The strength of a woman is in being stubborn and continuously persevering her goal. My husband is a genius! I am just stubborn.

4. Not a day without sports. It’s only been 3 years since I started exercising regularly. Before, I would always find excuses not to go to a fitness club or for a run. Like many, I bought an annual subscription to the sports club, which I would only use at the time of purchase. These days, my sports ‘menu’ includes interval trainings, yoga, ballet and stretching. I keep looking for new sports activities and try to exercise at least 6 times a week. Regular exercise is hard work, based on a strong motivation. In return I get charged with positive energy for the whole day. I am highly efficient and, most importantly, inspired. And good health comes as a package with these workouts.

5. If you are asked for help, then help! I like helping. No matter how, whether just advice or kind words of encouragement to a friend who is sad about the complexity of life. Being useful is very cool and very nice! That is why helping the Foundation “Change One life” is a necessity for me. Each child whose life is saved makes me happier, gives a special meaning to my life. I will keep doing everything I can. I am also counting on the support of my friends, acquaintances and readers.

Please contact me at olga@hellomonaco.com, see you in Monaco!

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