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About HelloMonaco.com

HelloMonaco.com is a leading news and information website about Monaco in English and Russian languages. If you want to be the first to know the latest news and important events in the Principality, start your day with HelloMonaco.com.

Run by a team of professional expats who love Monaco, we have first-hand experience moving to and adjusting to life in the Principality. We have successfully settled, sent children to school, done our own studies, gotten jobs, started businesses, integrated into the society and found like-minded people. Now we would like to share our personal experience and help those who are interested in Monaco to do the same. We keep our audience informed about all the events, important news and cultural happenings in Monaco and the surrounding area, and help our partners to boost their business thanks to the customized strategy of our website.

Olga Taran is the founder and editor in chief of HelloMonaco website and Magazine, mother of three children, and ambassador of the Charity Foundation “Change One Life”. She is a professional journalist with experience on TV and newspapers. In addition, Mrs. Taran holds a degree in marketing and worked as marketing director for a large financial company on Wall Street in New York. Her qualifications and experience allow her to manage and develop HelloMonaco.com in a highly professional manner, while her love for Monaco helps her make it unique and creative.

In addition to her work with HelloMonaco.com, Mrs. Taran is in charge of international projects for the charity foundation, CHANGE ONE LIFE. The charity’s mission is to ensure every child lives with a family and not in an orphanage. Through the creation of video profiles, prospective parents can learn more about a Russian child for adoption, thus ensuring better matches and permanent outcomes. Mrs. Taran supports the mission of this life-changing charity by donating all the profits from this website.

Please see videos below about the work of the Foundation:

Your donations help children to find a family. It is very easy to do: CHANGE ONE LIFE accepts online donations by any credit card at: https://changeonelife.ru/donations/monaco1/.

The Foundation works not only in Russia but also in the Ukraine where many orphaned children await their new families as well. To help in adopting a child in the Ukraine, please visit the website: Change One Life Ukraine. If you care about abandoned children and are willing to help, any contribution is welcome.

For any questions and suggestions on our cooperation, please contact us at: info@hellomonaco.com. Every time you place an ad on HelloMonaco.com, you help orphans to find parents!

Yours faithfully,

HelloMonaco Team

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