How to get to Monaco

The closest airport to Monaco is Nice, just 20 kilometers away. A helicopter, taxi, or a bus will take you straight to the Principality.

Getting to Monaco by Air

Nice Airport operates both domestic and international flights and it has two terminals. Many international airlines use Terminal 1 (please check this information while booking to avoid finding yourself in the wrong terminal at the last moment). There are also international arrivals at Terminal 2.

You may find you will love this airport for its small size. You will always see relaxed holidaymakers at the arrivals. You can take your time to enjoy a croissant at “Paul’s” and wander through the Hermès and Duty free boutiques after the security check. The airport has a good website providing accurate information, both in French and English.


This is the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Principality, especially in the high season, if you are not afraid of these noisy little vehicles.

Each Terminal at Nice Airport has a helicopter desk.  Monacairs`s flights towards Monaco and back are scheduled at least every 30 minutes, and sometimes as frequently as 15 minutes apart. They operate from 8.45 am to 8.00 pm. You can book your flight on-line or come to the chosen company’s stand after picking up your baggage. Prices vary close to and around 140 euros. Check on the booking apps.

Flights to and from Nice Airport, which is located 18 kilometres from Monaco, take only seven minutes. Monacair’s partnerships with airlines are key to the helicopter company’s success with this route. Working with airlines allow customers to leave Monaco only one hour before their flight at the airport. Passengers can obtain their boarding pass to their final destination in Monaco, have their luggage checked-in to the final destination and enjoy a direct transfer to the boarding gate.

Passengers arriving at Monaco heliport are chauffeur-driven to their final destination and enjoy the same service when they leave.

Your flight will only take 6 or 7 minutes, just enough to admire the sea and the views. Monacair is the only operator of the regular line between Monaco & Nice airport

Heli Securite offers one-way and roundtrip flights from and to Nice Airport, plus private charters, panoramic flights and more.

For private flights you can use Azurhelico helicopter service as well.

Getting to Monaco by Taxis

Taxi stands are located directly outside the airport exit. This is a reliable, comfortable and rather expensive form of transport on the Riviera – 20 km to Monaco will cost you an average of 100 euros.

Many of the drivers speak English and will gladly practise it with you. Have some cash ready, as some of them do not take credit cards. Many do, just ask before you choose your cab.

If you want to book a taxi in advance, please use an international system of booking and payment. You can choose the class of car and the driver will meet you with a sign.

Here is one service to start your search. HelloMonaco cannot single out a specific service to recommend. Check reviews and traveller experiences regularly on the Internet.


Limousines (private hire cars VTC) compete with the taxis. Only taxis can be hailed from the street. Therefore it is necessary to book your limo in advance. The Limo driver will meet you with a sign in the airport. There is usually a short walk to the limo because taxis take precedence for parking at the airport exits.

There are many services to choose from. Here is one chosen at random from the Internet to help you in your search. It is always best to use a reliable service that you personally know or has been referred to you from a trusted source. Also check reviews and traveller experiences on the internet before choosing.

Of course, if you like to use and trust Uber, then here is the information.


You can order an Uber to pick you up at Nice airport to take you to Monaco. This is a reliable service and the Uber is allowed to drop you off at your desired location in Monaco. There is one small hitch in that the Uber drivers will pick you up at a designated spot close to airport arrivals, near the airport parking lot. Airport official taxis, not Ubers, have precedence for being stationed closest to the airport departures door exits.

The Uber App will tell you your pick-up spot and the estimated time of arrival of an Uber and the price of the trip.

NOTE: Ubers are not an option for the return trip from Monaco to the Airport. When in Monaco, if you wish to use a taxi service use the official Monaco taxis.

The main Taxi service company is Monaco Prestige. They offer 24/7 service and have a fleet of vehicles on hand. Their number is: +377

Getting to Monaco by Bus

Bus № 110 runs every 30 minutes on the route Nice Airport – Monaco – Menton, starting from about 8 am to 9 pm. It is an excellent, clean and comfortable service and quite relaxing.

It only costs 22 euros and takes you to Monaco on a fast road in 30-40 minutes. You can buy tickets at the terminal exit or on line.

The driver will most often drop you off at your nearest bus stop or main hotel in Monaco and certainly in the centre near Casino Square. It is best to tell him where in Monaco you are going, as you are boarding the bus, and ask him how close he can drop you. Sometimes they can be quite kind and find a stop very close or actually at your hotel.

Getting to Monaco by Train

A train is another option, but unless you are travelling light you still need another form of transport to get to the station, so in that case it probably won’t save you any time or money.

On the other hand, if you do have nothing more than a light suitcase with wheels, there is a train station called Nice Saint Augustin that is a walk of about 15 minutes from the Airport.

It’s not a main lighted walking route in the evening, so best to do it during daylight.

Check the train times into Monaco via The Nice Saint Augustin station is about a 6 minute train ride from the main Station in Nice Centre.

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