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Kids Growing up Happy & Independent: Princess Stephanie’s Youth Centre Thrives

What a gift to young children is that welcoming oasis, the Princess Stephanie Youth Centre (CJPS). So many activities to choose from. It’s that time of life when Cupid’s arrow strikes these young kids’ passions for hobbies that often impact their whole life. In any event, it creates happy encounters with playmates that are priceless. Childhoods full of joy and fun.

So even if it’s not about hobbies or workshops it is about friends… impromptu meetings, popping in for good healthy childhood play, including table tennis, and table football.

A friendly welcome and exchange tops the menu always.

The Princess Stéphanie Youth Center hosts so many interesting activities for young Monegasques, residents or schoolchildren in Monaco who, from the age of 8, can join this dynamic association.

There have been and are from time to time workshops such as acrobatics, yoga, percussion, singing, circus, hip-hop, theatre, bricol’art, cheer-dance, piano, circus, modelling and drawing, even fishing …you name it, an ever-changing varied basket.

And when the kids are snacking you at least can be sure they are not choosing from McDs menus or over-binging on sweets. The cafeteria’s emphasis is on organic products.

Since as early as 1986 reportedly, the CJPS has been encouraging young people from 8 to 21 years old from Monaco to socialize and grow up happy, confident and independent. Open to schoolchildren, residents or employees in Monaco, the word is that there is potential to admit kids from as early as the age of six … maybe even as soon as the start of the school year in September 2023.

Funding of the Youth Centre

The Principality helps subsidize the Centre and memberships and some fees for participation in individual activities and events through Registration of 50 euros per quarter … all of this helps to fund the Centre. There are also donations needed which come from organizations such as the Monaco Red Cross and the press also lists the Direction de l’Action et de l’Aide Sociales as a contributor for summer stays.

As much as possible the Centre tries to involve teenagers, and create special events for them though teenagers seem to also find other venues as they get older to let their hair down… and prove they are independent grownups. Which just goes to show the Youth Centre did its job well!

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