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Our readers recommend: self-isolation with benefit for you and your loved ones

HelloMonaco is launching the new series of articles where our readers recommend how to spend time in self-isolation with benefit for you and your loved ones. You will discover new possibilities to entertain yourself and your kids during the confinement, so nobody would be sad or bored. There are online courses and challenges as well as kids games and interesting lectures.

Share with us your own stories how you are spending the confinement and we will publish it! Your advice may help somebody to enjoy their lockdown as you do or will help to learn new skills.

Today’s guest is Olga Suhodoliscaia, founder and director of the event company Funky Fox and Funky Fox Kids in Monaco who shares her ideas for spending the self-isolation with benefit and joy.

Olga Suhodoliscaia
@Olga Suhodoliscaia

“We have been staying at home for almost two weeks now. The whole world is staying at home… And personally I don’t have enough time to do everything.

At the beginning I was thinking that self-isolation is a very comfortable  period of time and it is full of opportunities for my creativity. I was able to finally spend more time with children and enjoy communication with them. Being free from all the meetings and being pressed with time my brain started to generate millions of great ideas and showed another side of life demanding new knowledge. So it has started!

When I have organized school teaching (I should mention that we don’t have distance learning, parents just receive tones of homework by email and teach kids themselves. It takes time from 9 am to 1 pm.), I finally had time to paint, to listen to interesting lectures, to watch movies, the long list of which was getting longer every day.

Olga Suhodoliscaia
@Olga Suhodoliscaia

I know already for sure that after the self-isolation I will be inspired, encouraged, empowered, “exhausted” with children’s love and finally ready for the summer beach season.

I will share here some great online sources and recommendations that I have tried:
1. I draw with kids at enterclass lessons.
2. With Anna Titova we are already working on great plans to develop and expand Funky Fox events & production, I invite you to participate in our interactive stories on Instagram.
3. For Beatrice I organized vocal and guitar lessons online. We continue gymnastics with Fémina Sports de Monaco Gymnastiques every day.
And something for children:
I highly advise all three parts of Findus from Filimundus as one of my favorite game applications – the child should help there to invent different devices.
The stunning logic game Monument Valley (both parts).
My kids and I love Chuchel from Aamanita.
And the classic – Macchinarium – the most beautiful and the best adventure game!
All of them are very interesting and worthy applications.
Olga Suhodoliscaia
@Olga Suhodoliscaia
4. Films. We watched with children and liked very much the following films: Le renard et l’enfant, Nicostratos le pélican, Mia et le lion blanc, Dora et la Cité perdue.”
Please visit Funky Fox events & production: www.funkyfox.mc
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