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#hello_monaco weekend: what to do on April 20th and April 21st

Monaco is taking a rest after more than a week of intensive tennis tournament, Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters. If you think there is nothing left to do now, you are wrong. And here are a few suggestions from HelloMonaco.

The 12th edition of Sainte Dévote Tournament

You can start your weekend supporting teams at the 12th edition of Sainte Dévote Tournament, organized in partnership with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, and held from Friday 19 to Saturday 20 April 2024, at Stade Louis II.

The Tournament was created in 2009 following an exchange between the Monegasque Rugby Federation and the Rugby Club Lucciana, in Corsica. Sainte Dévote has always linked the Principality to the “Ile de Beauté”: she is the patron saint of Monaco, but also that of Corsica.

"Le jour du kiwi" ("The day of the kiwi") in the Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Photo credit: Cyril Bruneau

In the theatre this weekend there is “Le jour du kiwi” (“The day of the kiwi”) by Laetitia Colombani will on stage of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco on Saturday 20 April 2024, at 8 pm.

Barnabé Leroux is a fussy, pettifogging, obsessive pensioner. Since his wife died, he has lived a solitary life and rarely sees Benoît, his only son. he despises his neighbours, and his only real contact with the outside world is his weekly consultation with his psychoanalyst. His life is carefully regimented, down to the last millimetre. Nothing is left to chance. Until the day he finds a yoghurt missing from his fridge. Barnabé was sure it had been there the day before! Could something as ordinary as a yoghurt have the power to change a life?

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“Saudade ici et là-bas” (“Saudade here and there”) will be on stage of the Théâtre des Muses on Saturday 20 April at 8 pm, and Sunday 21 April at 4.30 pm.

“Saudade” is a Portugese word for a complex feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, and hope. A sense of “being present in the past, or past in the present”. Idalio, his sister Joana and their nephew Manu return to the old house, fling open the doors and windows, and a whole stream of history emerges. How can they stay true to it? How can they pass it on? Do they need it? Or want it? How does one come to terms with an ideal that one has always striven for, but can never be achieved?

Oceanographic Museum
The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Polar bears and emperor penguins are the protagonists of the new exhibition “The Ice Giants” by Michel Bassompierre organized from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday October 6, 2024 in Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Seven monumental works will take over the Oceanographic Museum and its roof terrace. On this occasion, the sculptor will unveil five new creations: four polar bears as well as a 3-meter-high emperor penguin. Original drawings and sketches will also be exhibited accompanied by the screening of a film presenting the artist’s work. This temporary exhibition is part of the Polar Mission program run by the Oceanographic Institute since 2022.

Pasolini in Chiaroscuro Exhibition in Villa Sauber
Angelo Novi
Pier Paolo Pasolini sur le tournage de Teorema, 1968
Cineteca di Bologna / Fondo Angelo Novi

Among many interesting exhibitions that are held in Monaco these days you can take a look at the exhibition at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – Villa Sauber (from March 29 till September 29), which looks at the influence of classical and contemporary painting on the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini. “Pasolini in Chiaroscuro” brings together a variety of work, including film clips, paintings, drawings, installations and photography from the 16th century till today. It finishes with works by other artists who paid tribute to Pasolini.

Of course there are other interesting events taking place in Monaco. If you want to learn more about them visit our Calendar.

So have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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