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Weekend in Monaco with #hello_monaco

After a very athletic weekend last week with the Monte-Carlo Rolex Master in the center of everybody’s attention it’s time to turn to arts.


The second edition of artmonte-carlo will welcome at the Grimaldi Forum, under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, nearly 40 rigorously selected international galleries, as well as a dozen exhibitions of major institutional and private collections. From April 28th to April 30th, this cultural event will be distinguished in the world of art fairs by its singular concept of an “art salon”: a limited size resulting in quality exhibitions and a wide variety of exhibitions invited combine to give it the look of a mini-biennial.


Music lovers will enjoyClaudio Capeo Concert performing this weekend in Espace Leo Ferre on April 29 at 8.30 p.m. This accordionist already has a long way behind him. From the street to the stage, he refined his style and found himself to participate in The Voice 5. Claudio Capéo seduced the judges by his interpretation of Michel Delpech’s Chez Laurette and acceded to the battles alongside Florent Pagny. You will hear catchy and captivating melodies that remains in our minds from the first time you hear it. Tickets are at €24-€28.

Show for Children: Soup with Colors

Theater is waiting it’s younger audience with two shows for children, the first one is Soup with Colors on April 29 at 4.30 pm in Theater des Muses. The Vegetable Engineer wants a soup to regain its colors … Help him! A musical interactive and funny show to educate children about the need to eat only healthy food that is good for the body. Tickets are available at €18-€29.

Bubble or the Voice of the Ocean

And the other show for children isBubble or the Voice of the Ocean (“Bulle ou la voix de l’océan”) also on Saturday 29 April, at 2 pm Théâtre des Muses. Bulle, a shell, realizes its dream: to see the earth. From surprises to disappointments, our shell begins to regret its journey. A meeting will upset its life. Adapted from the text by René Fallet, studied at school. Trio vocal jazz with double bass, mixing shadow theater and musical comedy. Tickets are available at €14-€16.

“Resisting is Existing” by Alain Guyard

However there is something for the parents as well: “Resisting is Existing” (“Résister, c’est exister”) by Alain Guyard with François Bourcier and the voices of Evelyne Buyle, Daniel Mesguich, Yves Lecoq and Stéphane Freiss on Thursday 27, Friday 28 April, at 8.30 pm, Saturday 29 April, at 9 pm and Sunday 30 April at 4.30 pm, Théâtre des Muses.

François Bourcier revives in this show the resistants and the righteous of 1940, who, by simple little gestures, sometimes at the risk of their own life, have tipped the history and capitulated the enemy.

This overwhelming piece, composed of a succession of authentic testimonies and end-to-end stories, makes it possible to understand how the flame of the Resistance could have originated in the hearts of these heroes and leaves the public nothing but admiring and moved. Tickets are available at €18-€29.

"Husbands and Wives" by Woody Allen

“Husbands and Wives” (“Maris et Femmes”) by Woody Allen with Florence Pernel, José Paul, Marc Fayet, Héléne Médigue, Astrid Roos and Emmanuel Patron on Sunday 30 April, at 5.00 pm in Théâtre Princesse Grace.

In New York, the clock of women races as fast as anywhere else and among men, the demon of noon is just as punctual. Thus, two couples will discover in a record time all facets of the questioning, offering a conjugal chronicle in the New York sauce, where everything becomes savory extravagant thanks to the inimitable spirit of Woody Allen. Tickets range from €20 to €30.

Monte-Carlo Ballet Company

For Spring 2017, two choreographers, each with a strong identity, will cross paths with Monte-Carlo Ballets Company. Marie Chouinard, emblematic in the Canadian world of dance, will present her first piece created for a company other than hers, while Natalia Horecna, already invited in 2015, will present the second creation, an opportunity for the Slovakian choreographer to meet again with the dancers she loves so much and who enable her to materialise her astounding choreographic world. On 29 April 2017 at 8.00pm – 30 April at 4.00pm  Salle des Princes, Grimaldi Forum.

AS Monaco vs. Manchester City

But probably no weekend in Monaco goes without an interesting sports event. This time its a football match between AS Monaco vs. Toulouse FC are playing in French League 1, Day 35 on Saturday 29 April at 17.00.

Padel Day

And on April 29, there is a Padel Day in the Tennis Club of Beausoleil with a Padel Tournament and activities for both kids and adults.

We also invite you to visit interesting exhibitions and exhibition sections currently open, if you haven’t been there yet as some of them will close soon: Exhibition “And now for something completely different” in Galerie l’Entrepôt; Exhibition on the subject ofHercule Florence. The New Robinson in Nouveau Musée National – Villa Paloma; Exhibition of stringed instruments; Exhibition of artworks by Bernard Conforti. You can find more events in our Calendar.

Have a great weekend!

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